Zumba Toning Class

Zumba Toning Class

Unlike the regular zumba dance class, the zumba toning dance class, involves the use of toning sticks during the workout sessions. These toning sticks act as dumb bells during the session to increase weight resistance and improve toning of  the muscles. Some people carry out zumba toning at home but, zumba experts have advised that they go out and take a class on it like other people do.

The only difference between the zumba dance class  and the zumba toning dance class is the toning sticks used during the routine. These toning sticks  usually weigh 2.5 pounds and makes a sound like a maraca while in use. It’s this toning sticks that make the difference as, with them muscles could be improved.

Dance moves in zumba toning dance class
Involving lots of side movement, this dance is both energetic and quick, or could equally be simple as well. It requires a lot of marching and hand movements that could help in building your arms and thigh muscles.

This Colombian invented dance, involves the shaking of the body in rhythm to the music with hips swaying from side to side. You will be learning the beginner salsa, the side salsa, and the travel salsa, all which will allow for muscle toning in the keg area, and a great deal of flexibility around the waist and hip area.

This dance is simply done in a circular motion and is also referred to as the mother of Latin music. The dance will require you to move your hands in a circular motion as if to say you’re cutting a plant or casting a magical spell. This continuous motion will help to tone your arm muscles.

This is the combination of Latin my music and hop. Commonly referred to as the Latin hip hop, this dance move will also be essential to your learning of the zumba toning dance.

Benefits Of the Zumba Toning Dance Class

  • Helps To Ease Body Movement
    By using the toning sticks during the zumba toning dance lesson, you stretch your muscles a little further than normal. This might not be very convenient at first  but that’s why it’s a dance as well to help you forget the painful part. This stretchy movements you make will make you flexible with time.

  • Muscle Tone and Strength
    Using the zumba toning sticks while dancing helps you  tone your muscles and increases your strength. While carrying out these exercises, you’re constantly working your fats and turning them to muscle, and these muscles become really firm and strengthened increasing your general body strength.

  • Lose Weight
    When you take this class, you’re bound to burn calories because the dance routine is energetic. And as you burn more calories you lose weight, feel lighter, and healthier.

  • Have fun, work out
    So rather than the painful exercises that hurt and make you wanna quit, you can just dance that fat away, or dance your muscles into perfect shape and positions.

Things To Bring

Like every dance class, you will need certain things to aid your dance lessons. For your clothing, It’s better to use a tank top and breathable pants.
Ensure that you also get shoes that are comfortable and will enable you move from side to side.
Do not forget, to come with your toning sticks, a bottle of water, towel and a bag to keep your things inside.

Having fun during your workout sessions can be a struggle sometimes but with the zumba toning dance class, your problems have been solved. All you have to do is make up your mind to take the class and register with us. I can’t wait to see you in class