Zumba Dance Class

Zumba Dance Class

There are lots of dances in the world that you could learn and gain health benefits but no dance can give you workout effects and results like the zumba dance. This dance in itself is a workout routine, it is so much that it’s difficult to differentiate between the dance and the workout. Originated by a Colombian dance Alberto Berto Perez, this dance is composed of both dance styles like samba, salsa, hip hop, mambo, and aerobics like lunges and squats. Learning this dance is practically equivalent to working out or losing weight.

What dance steps can be learned from this class?
There are some dances you’ll need to acquaint yourself with for this class to work for you.

A Cuban dance that involves you moving your hips from side to side. In this salsa routine you’ll learn the beginner salsa which basically involves the movement of your feet and swaying of your hips from side to side, the side salsa which involves the basic salsa step and then stepping in a squat position, and lastly the travel salsa, where you’re required to stretch out one foot, bend it while the other is straight, move your hands towards the sky, moving your hips along side and repeating the routine.

This dance could either be quick or simple. It involves a lot of side movements and marching with your hands over your chest, taking one marching step at a time.

This dance has is basically influenced by hip hop and Latin. So you can just say it’s Latin hip hop.

This is the mother of all Latin music and is also done in a circular motion. It will require you to slightly open your legs, and swing your  arm like you’re cutting a plant while moving your feet backwards and moving your hands over your head like you’re casting a magical spell.  

Benefits of the Zumba Dance Class.

Let’s lose some weight
Doing the zumba dance will in fact help you lose all the calories you’ve been wishing would just disappear as the dance is both energetic and interesting.

Good Heart
Well, if you say your heart is alright it’s okay. However, the more active your heart is, the healthier you can keep it. Taking this dance class will help you keep your heart active and healthy.

Become social
This dance class is very popular and taken by a lot of people. You’re bound to become social by taking this class. Just make up your mind that you’re going to a social gathering whenever you’re going to class.

What do I wear and bring to class?
To take this dance class, you only need to get into comfortable clothes that won’t soak up sweat and make you look like you wet your bed.
Simple comfortable apparels you can get include, a tank top, breathable pants and a pair of shoes probably cross trainers with low heels to help your side to side movements.  
Apart from these things, you can get a bag to put them in, a bottle of water for rehydration and a small towel too.

While some people prefer to workout in the gym or taking supplements to help them lose weight, I think you can just kill two birds with a stone and have fun while you’re losing weight. Wait, that’s three birds, because you get to learn a new dance style as well.

The zumba dance is a very energetic and interesting dance style that will help you exercise your body and ensure that your heart is healthy. And the fun part is that whenever you are ready for the class, you can find one to attend. All you need to do is make up your mind and be there. And truthfully I can’t wait to see you  there!