Waltz Dance Class

Waltz Dance Class

Basically, waltz is a gentle romantic dance form that exhibits the art of classic dancing. It is a creative medium of expressing oneself and building confidence in the dance form. Compared to other dance styles, waltz is simple. However, the grace and beauty it possesses is what makes it a timeless and an exceptional one – worthy of learning and mastering.

Waltz was derived from the German word “walzen” which means to roll, glide or sway. It originated from southern Germany during the 17th century, making it one of the oldest dances and the bedrock of other dance forms.

This dance form is performed with a partner, and its moves are executed with utmost grace, confidence and presence. Due to waltz’ popularity and timeless beauty, it has become mostly performed on wedding ceremonies, proms and even at corporate events.

With the beautiful uniqueness waltz has, it has become a special dance form for all ages. Therefore, if you want to learn it for yourself and have fun while doing it, we got your back.

We offer waltz dance classes for kids, teens, adults, couples and for exclusive groups. Our classes are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. Therefore, our skilled dance instructors can be hands-on to each student, depending on their experience in dancing waltz.

What are Specific Dance Moves to Learn in the Class?

        Box step

The box step is a common dance move in waltz and performed by executing box-patterned steps during the dance. First, you need to bring your feet together, then put the left foot forward, then step the right foot to the right, then bring both feet together again. Then, you’ll take a step backward by moving the right foot, and then move your left foot to the left side.


Chasse is a dance move derived from a French word which means to chase. It is performed by doing a triple step, where one foot chases the other in a step-together-step motion.

        Double reverse spin

The double reverse spin dance move is not executed by simply doing a complete turn. In this move, the follow dancer does a heel pivot and the lead dancer does a toe pivot.


The telemark dance move involves the lead dancing around the follow while she rotates on her heels.


In taking our waltz dance class, you will also take these benefits with you:

  •        This dance class will help you to improve your heart and lung’s function.
  •        The lessons tackled in this dance class will improve your strength, fitness and balance.
  •        The waltz dance will give your muscles a room to become more flexible.
  •        It will improve your body coordination and mental function.
  •        It will help you improve your self-esteem, confidence and social skills.
  •        Waltz will be a great way for you to learn and understand other classical dances such as ballet.

What to Wear/Bring To Class

It’s best to wear a comfortable shirt and leggings when coming to class. Also, it’s ideal to wear a semi-tight shirt to emphasize body movements and grace while performing the dance.


Ladies are expected to dance on shoes with at least 2-3” heels. On the other hand, men should wear Italian shoes with 1” heels.

Things to bring:


        Flip flops (for after class feet comfort)

        Extra clothes

We offer waltz dance classes and lessons in other dance forms in our studio in Singapore. 

Learn the art of swaying, gliding and self-confidence by taking our waltz dance class. Our expert instructors would be glad to accommodate you and teach you this dance form in the most effective way possible. Contact us now and hope to see you in our next waltz dance class!