Tips for Choosing the Right Dance Shoes 

Every dancer has been there – trying to dance at their favourite song but can’t turn because their shoes aren’t right. Dance shoes are constructed for the dancer’s body. They help move on the dance floor effortlessly and prevent injuries to the knees and joints at the same time. You can’t move on the dance floor freely in regular shoes.

One must be very careful in picking the right dance shoes. It won’t just affect how you move but these shoes save you from getting injured as well. Follow these tips to find the right pair of dance shoes

1.Choose the right size

The size of your dance shoes will be the same as the size of your regular shoes. If you have narrow feet, reduce ½ a size. On the other hand, if you have wider feet, increase ½ a size from your regular shoes. The whole idea is to make sure the shoes snug and don’t cause pain. 

2. Find the right fit

There is a difference between size and fit. You must be certain the shoes fit your feet like gloves particularly around the ankle area. Make sure they are neither too tight nor too loose because shoes tend to stretch over time. As long as the shoes are the right fit, you will have a better connection with the floor, the music and your partner. 

3. They must allow you to move better 

Your shoes must allow you to move better. The style, weight, sole and size of the heels are the elements that together allow the dancer to move and turn freely. Keep in mind dance shoes a lot lighter than the shoes we wear regularly. 

4. Pick the right type of heel 

Dance shoes can have heels as high as 0.5 inches or as low as 4 inches. The most common size of heels is between 2 and 3 inches. Higher heels give more shape to your legs. If you are beginner, start with a lower heel. 2.5 inches is enough. A higher heel means you will have to push more weight forward to the ball of your foot.

Our recommendation 

Here’s our recommendation for some of the best dancing shoes for women from Dancing Meow:

inestone Leopard Printed Latin Dance shoes

These shoes are meant for advanced dancers. They have a lace-up closure. The upper sole is made from stain whereas the insole material is made from latex. The heel is 3.5 inches high. Rhinestones make them more beautiful to wear.

Rhinestone Decorated High Heel Latin Dance Shoes

If you are looking for shoes with a higher heel, this one’s it. These Latin shoes are 4 inches high. They have a solid black colour with rhinestone embellishment. They are made from cowhide leather and they have lace-up closure.

Sequined Glitter Latin Dance Shoes

If you like fancy dance shoes, you will love these sequined glitter Latin dance shoes by Dancing Meow. They have a 3.3 inches heel. The shoes have a lace-up closure. The sequined glitter and solid colour make them ideal for salsa. 

Good luck with finding the right pair of dance shoes for yourself to rock on the dance floor.

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