Tap Dance Class

Have you always had an exceptional love for dancing? Then, why not give tap dancing a chance? The culture and history behind tap dancing are very vibrant and rich. Tap dancing was created by African dancers in America. When people perform this dance form, they express rhythmic patterns through feet movements. The dance is also done through shuffling, scooping, brushing and chugging the feet.

What Dance Moves/Steps Can You Learn In The Class?

If you are a beginner, then the dance class instructor will take you through all the necessary steps in order for you to become good at tap dancing.

Step 1. Firstly, the instructor may have you tap to the rhythm of a song. This exercise will help you to understand how to tap to music patterns and listen to the music that you dance to. In this step, your dance instructor will tell you that you should never tap with straight legs, as this does not bring good effect on your posture and feet.

Step 2. Another step is the “toe to heel” or “heel to toe”, in which you will be required to practice until you are comfortable executing it.

Step 3. One of the first basic dance moves that you will learn is the shuffle, in which you will be required to only tap with your toe. One foot will execute this dance move, while the other foot will support your weight during this move.

First, you will lift the foot that will be executing the moves. Then, you will bring this foot in front of you while you tap your toes on the ground. You will then bring your foot back to the initial position. As your leg moves backwards, you will tap your toe in the same position. Make sure that the heel of your foot does not touch the ground at any point.

Are these moves still vague to you? Why not come to our dance class and learn them in no time? There are many other moves you will learn after you have mastered the basic moves.

Benefits of Tap Dancing

Why should you try tap dancing when there are so many other dances to try? Well, here are some reasons why Tap Dancing rocks!

  1. Tap dancing is a great form of exercise that contributes to good cardiovascular condition.
  2. Tap dancing helps you to build strength in various sections of your body.
  3. Taps dancing helps you to be flexible.
  4. Taps dancing contributes to your coordination skills.
  5. Tap dancing enhances your cognitive abilities.
  6. Tap dancing helps you to develops mental and muscle memory
  7. Tap dancing enables you to develop an appreciation for time and rhythm

What to Wear/Bring To Class

Bring some comfortable clothing that you can work out in and allow you to move freely. Also, do not forget to bring those dancing shoes! These shoes should be tap dancing shoes that give you a perfect and comfortable fit. Finally, bring bottled water, an extra towel, and a whole spectrum of positive attitude.

Tap dancing can be very fun and healthy at the same time. It allows you to listen to different beats and move your body to jive with different rhythms. So, wait no longer and give tap dancing a try today. Whether you have “two right’ or “two left”, avail our dance classes and your reward will surely be sweet