Tango Dance Class

Tango Dance Class

Tango Dance is a type of Ballroom Dance that is performed by couples or partners. It is available in 2 types: Ballroom and Argentine. It also involves performing traditional or contemporary movements while complementing them with strong emotion and apposite facial expression.

This dance form involves communicating with your partner through the art of dancing. Therefore, Tango Dancing is a very beautiful and passionate dance form that connects partners together through jiving into the rhythm of the music.

Since Tango Dance is an innately exquisite dance form, it is definitely something for everyone to learn on! Therefore, if you would want to start learning Tango Dancing today, you are absolutely on the right page.

We offer Tango Dance Classes for all ages! We also divide our classes into 2 levels: beginner and intermediate. In this way, our instructors can teach the students well and effectively given their knowledge and experience in the dance form. Also, this gives the instructors an opportunity to address the students’ needs and concerns in the best way possible.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn From This Class?

  •        Tango Basic Step

This basic dance move is done by moving your left foot forward, then your right foot next. Then, place your left foot forward again, then move your right foot forward to the right side and then place both feet together. This dance move is done repeatedly and according to the music’s beat.

  •        Progressive Rock

Progressive Rock dance move is done by rocking your feet alternately in a back and forth motion.

  •        Back Corte

This dance move is performed by moving the right foot backward, then the left foot backward, then the right foot backward again in a side position, then putting both feet together.  

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

It is no doubt that Tango Dancing is one of the most beautiful and intricate dance forms that teach you to move with grace, passion and conviction. However, aside from these, Tango Dancing also comes with a couple of benefits to improve your health and lifestyle.

  •        Tango dancing helps you shed some unwanted fat, lose weight and stay fit.
  •        It is an activity that effectively aids you in keeping your body toned and sexy.
  •        It improves your overall health by helping you fight cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses.
  •        Tango dancing is a great way for you to work the body out while having fun doing it.
  •        It helps in improving your flexibility, focus and confidence.
  •        Tango Dancing is a key for you to learn other dance forms in an easier manner.

What to Wear and Bring to Class

These are the most appropriate clothing and footwear to wear, as well as the essential things you need to bring every time you come to our Tango Dance class/session.


Both men and women can wear a comfortable shirt and pants. However, women are recommended to wear flowing skirts or gaucho to create a better and more graceful Tango vibe.


Men and women are encouraged to wear appropriate and reliable social dancing shoes.

Must-bring Essentials

There are 3 essentials you must always bring to class: a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water. Bring these things with you every time you come to class so that you will stay hydrated, fresh and worry-free.

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We offer Tango Dance Classes in Singapore. We also offer private dance classes to corporate employees, small groups and couples who would like to prepare a special Tango dance number for their weddings, fitness parties and other social events.

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