Samba Dance Class

Samba is a vibrant dance form that sprung forth through its Afro-Brazilian roots. Basically, it is a lively dance form that showcases the beauty of Latin American dancing and music. Thus, no wonder that samba dancing has been a staple in Carnival, Brazil’s yearly festive dancing event.

With the colour, vibrancy and life samba innately has on its form, it’s definitely something worthy of being learned today! If you want to learn the art of Brazilian dancing, you might be interested in enrolling in our samba dance classes.

The most famous version is perhaps the Carnaval Samba where female Samba Dancers or Sambistas dance Samba on the balls of their feet in impossibly high heels and compete in outrageously over-the-top feathered and sequinned revealing costumes. To achieve the true character of the Brazilian Samba, a dancer must exude a happy, flirtatious and lively attitude in her interpretation of the dance that reflects much of Brazil’s culture.

We offer classes for kids and adults alike. Our classes are also divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This makes our expert instructors teach you samba in the best and most enjoyable way for you!

Specific Dance Moves You Can Learn

  •        Forward Basic

This dance move is executed by sliding your left foot forward and putting your body weight on it. Then, you slide the right foot forward without the heel touching the ground. Then, put the left leg flat and back on the ground.

  •        Forward Samba Square

The forward samba square move is done by bending the left knee as you move forward using your left foot. Then, you straighten your right knee as you move to the right using your right foot. Afterwards, you bend your knees as you put the left foot to the opposite side. Finally, stretch and straighten your knees.

  •        Samba Side Step

In doing this dance move, you have to bend the left knee while moving your left foot to the left. Afterwards, you put your right foot across the left foot. Then, you bend your left knee while moving your left foot in place and maintaining your right foot in the previous position. After doing this move, you have to do it again, but now, you have to begin with the right knee.


Aside from the eye-amazing benefits that you can get from samba dancing (all thanks to its colourful attires and spiritedness), you can get awesome health benefits from it, too!

  1.     Samba dancing promotes a healthy lung function, allowing you to breathe better and more efficiently.
  2.     It helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, since it works the body out, especially the heart.
  3.     It promotes efficient pumping of blood to the different organs in the body.
  4.     With the fitness routine samba dancing requires you to undergo through, it helps you lose weight and stay fit.
  5.     Samba dancing is a fun way to shake all the stress away, stay confident and enjoy workout times.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

You can wear comfortable clothes such as loose shirt and jogging pants when you come to class. However, as you progress, you might be instructed to wear the real and exciting samba attire, for you to feel the vibe of it.

Samba attire usually reveals more skin, and is usually embedded with sequins, beads, rhinestones and feathers. Also, this attire can be a bikini or a combination of bra and samba skirt. Dancers also wear feathered and sequinned headpieces.

Don’t forget to bring bottled water, an extra towel and a pair of comfy slippers every time you come to class.


The Samba is a great cardio workout, with much focus on the legs, glutes and abs.

Come join us today for a fun and exhilarating experience that is not only healthy but promotes your sense of self-confidence.

Give us a call today, and hope to see you in our next session!