Salsa Dance Class

Salsa Dance Class

Salsa is a popular dance form that can be traced back in the 50s-70s. Its moves primarily have its roots on Cuban and Latin music, which make it the salsa we know today.

Basically, salsa follows an 8-beat rhythm, were performers move on the first 3 beats, halt for one beat, dance again on another 3 beats and halt again on the last beat. Also, the dance moves salsa has usually involve left-right-left-halt movements, while maintaining subtle but passionate choreography and emotion.

With the innate fire salsa has in it, it’s definitely a dance form to learn! So, if you want to learn salsa straight from the experts, we certainly got you covered.

We offer salsa dance classes for kids, adults and couples. Our classes are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. As you enrol in our salsa dance classes, you are expected to learn and master specific salsa dance moves, from basic movements to more complex ones.

What Specific Dance Moves Can You Learn In Class?

  •        Basic Step

This dance move is executed by following a 4-beat rhythm and doing a quick-quick-slow motion. You step to the left, then right, then left and pause or tap. Then, you step to the right, then left, then right and pause or tap.

  •        Cross Body Lead

This dance move is done by having the follower led to the lead dancer’s opposite side to form a counter-clockwise movement.

  •       Windmill

The windmill is a turn usually performed while dancing salsa. It is where the lead dancer circles the arm in an up-and-down motion, to exemplify a vertical movement.


Dancing to the beat of salsa music comes with tons of benefits, especially for your health.

  1.     Salsa dancing helps improve your body’s endurance, allowing you to stay up for longer workouts.
  2.     It helps maintain a healthy heart function.
  3.     Dancing aids you in flushing the body’s toxins out through sweating.
  4.     As you sweat while dancing, you lose weight as well. You can even lose as much as 400 calories per hour just by dancing salsa!
  5.     Salsa dancing is a great way to shake the stress away and stay positive and confident.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

In dancing salsa, it is important for you to wear comfortable clothes. You can wear loose shirt and jogging pants so that you can execute the dance moves properly. However, it is essential for you to wear smooth, salsa shoes. That’s the most important thing you should have every time you come to class.

Women can wear flat shoes or heels (as long as they’re not too high and thin). On the other hand, men can wear basic dance shoes or even footwear you always pair with a formal suit.

Lastly, pack with you an extra towel, a pair of slippers and bottled water.

Enrol in our salsa dance classes today to feel the vibe of sexy Cuban and Latin dancing! Hoping to see you in our next session!