Salsa Dance Class for Beginners

Salsa Dance Class for Beginners


The best way to learn Latin dancing is to get on your feet and go with the beat of Salsa dancing. This famous Latin dance can be traced way back in the 50s where people dance it to the rhythm of Cuban music. It exemplifies quick and intricate dance moves while maintaining grace and confidence. Also, Salsa has just that inner fiery passion and beauty into it that makes it so interesting and beautiful to watch.

With the beauty and vibrancy Salsa demonstrates, no wonder it has become the most popular among other types of Latin dances. So, if you’re interested to learn and experience it yourself, you should definitely enrol in our Salsa dance classes!

We offer Salsa dance classes for kids, teens and adults. We also cater to exclusive groups and couples who are preparing for their wedding presentations or events. Our classes are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. So, there’s no need for you to worry if you have no experience in Salsa dancing, because our expert instructors got you covered.

Specific Dance Moves to Learn in Class

  •        Basic Hip Movement

In dancing Salsa, your grace and confidence is best exhibited when you do the hip movement the right way. Basically, you’re just going to move your hips side-to-side. However, in doing it, you have to make sure your movement goes well with the beat of the music.

  •        Windmill

This common Salsa dance move is executed as the lead circles the arm in an up-and-down movement.

  •        Mezza Elica

This beautiful Salsa dance move is executed as the follow (woman) turns as she changes position, and the lead (man) supports the follow.

Benefits of Salsa Dancing

  • Salsa dancing comes with a lot of benefits for your health and wellness.
  • It helps you keep a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, as it really encourages you to sweat and work your body out.
  • Since Salsa dancing could be your fun alternative workout routine, it helps you shed unwanted fat and achieve a toned and flexible body. Doing it even allows you to shed as much as 400 calories per hour!
  • It also encourages positive vibes and helps you shake the stress away.
  • Lastly, since you will be dancing with a partner and mingling with other people, it’s a great way to enhance your social and interpersonal skills.

What to Wear and Bring to Class

You can wear a loose shirt and sweatpants to keep you comfortable while dancing. However, you are really encouraged to wear appropriate salsa dance shoes.

For women, you are to wear stiletto shoes, but the heels shouldn’t be too high or too thin. As for men, you are to wear leather-soled shoes.

As we progress, you will be encouraged to wear dancing attire. For women, you are to wear a sexy, flowing dress (usually backless). As for men, wearing a formal attire would do.

Don’t forget to bring bottled water, extra towel, slippers and deodorant every time you come to class.

Join us in learning Salsa dancing, the amazingly fun and best way!