Rumba Dance Class

Rumba Dance Class

Rumba is a Latin dance form that is derived from the work rumbear which means dancing or partying and having fun, in general. Therefore, with the word origin rumba has, it pretty much explains what type of dance it is, and the moves it is comprised of.

Basically, rumba has its roots in Cuba, but it spread over the West Indies and then later on, became a part of ballroom dancing competitions. It is also a dance form that exhibits passion, smoothness and sensuality, with a slight touch of snappy movements.

Have you always wanted to try learning the art of Latin dancing? Maybe you can start your journey today by learning rumba! We offer rumba dance classes for kids, teens and adults. Our classes are also divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to allow an atmosphere to fun, engaging and enriching learning experience.

What Specific Dance Moves Can You Learn In Class?

Rumba maintains a slow-quick-quick basic rhythm while putting your hips in a sensual, Cuban motion. Therefore, its dance moves are as follows:

  •        Closed Basic Movement

This dance move is done by placing your left foot forward, then putting your body weight on the right foot. Then, you place your left foot on the side. Afterwards, you place your right foot backward, and put your weight on the left foot. Then, you move your right foot to the side.

  •        Open Basic Movement

Basically, open basic movement is pretty much the same with closed basic movement. All you have to do is to place your left foot forward and put your weight on the right foot. Then, you place your left foot backwards. Afterwards, you place your right foot backwards and put your weight on the left foot. Then, you move your right foot forward.

  •        Cuban Rock

First, you place your left foot on the side. Then, you rock your body and transfer your weight on the right foot. Afterwards, you rock your body again and transfer the weight on the left foot.


If you think that rumba dancing is an end in itself, you are totally wrong! This dance form is a gateway for you to garner amazing benefits, especially for your health.

  1.     Rumba dancing is a fun exercise routine that helps you shed some unwanted fat and stay in shape.
  2.     It helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system.
  3.     It aids in making you firmer and flexible.
  4.     Rumba dancing is a great way to relieve stress and depression.
  5.     It is a great avenue to enhance interpersonal skills as well as self-esteem.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

When you come to class, you are expected to wear comfortable dancing attire such as loose shirt and sweatpants. However, as you progress in learning rumba dancing, the instructor may require you to wear costume intended for Latin dancing.

For girls, wearing a flowing, sequinned dress may be ideal. On the other hand, men might be required to wear formal attire, minus the suit.

For girls, don’t forget to wear leather-soled or dress shoes that allow you to easily glide on the dance floor. For men, it would be ideal to invest in your own dance shoes.

Lastly, bring bottled water, an extra towel and a pair of slippers every time you come to our session.

Avail our program today to learn Latin dancing the best and most enjoyable way! See you!