Rumba Dance Class for Beginners

Rumba Dance Class for Beginners

Rumba is one among the most popular Latin dance types globally, primarily because of its presence in ballroom dancing competitions. This dance form has made its name in the industry as it exhibits slow-to-quick and intricate moves that show the active and festive vibe of Latin dancing.

Basically, Rumba was derived from the word rumbear which means dancing or partying. Just basing on its etymology, you can say that this Latin dance form is truly worth a try!

If you’ve always wanted to enter the world of ballroom dancing, or just enjoy the vibrancy of Latin dancing, then, enrolling in our Rumba dance class is the best way to start off.

We offer Rumba dance classes for kids, teens and adults. Our classes are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This allows us to teach our students the dance form in the best and easiest way.

Also, some of the dance moves in Rumba are also applicable in other Latin dance types! This allows you to master the moves, from basic to complex, and incorporate them in whatever dance you are performing.

Specific Dance Moves to Learn in Class

  •        Cuban Rock

In doing the Cuban Rock, you are first going to place your left foot on the side. Afterwards, you rock your body and transfer the weight on the right foot. Then, you rock your body again and place the weight on the left foot.

  •        Side Basic Step

This basic Rumba dance move is performed with both your hips and legs working together. First, you are going to place your feet together, then you move your right foot to the right, and then the left foot next, and then you are going to step the left and right foot. Afterwards, you are going to move your left foot to the left, then the right foot next, and then you are going to step the right and left foot.

  •        Box  Step

The box step is done by literally (and gracefully) forming a box as you dance. First, you place your left foot to the left, then your right foot next, and then step both feet alternately. Then, place your left foot forward, and your right foot beside your left foot, and then move your left foot beside your right foot. Then, you move your right foot backward, and place your left foot beside it.

Benefits of Rumba Dancing

Why should you try Rumba dancing today?

  •        Rumba dancing helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system, as it really requires you to move your body and get your groove on.
  •        Since dancing is a form of exercise, it is surely a way to lose some unwanted weight, and achieve a toned and sexy body.
  •        This dance is a fun activity to engage in! That’s why it’s a great way to shake off the stress and boost positivity.

What to Wear and Bring to Class

For the ladies and gents, you can wear a loose, comfortable shirt and sweatpants during the class. You can also wear basic dress or leather-soled shoes.

However, as we progress, ladies are encouraged to wear attractive clothing (such as flowing sequinned dress), and men are to wear a formal attire. You are also encouraged to invest in your own dancing shoes, if you wish to explore and learn more on Latin dancing.

Remember: Always equip yourself with bottled water, an extra towel, slippers and deodorant every time you come to class.

Have fun learning the art of Rumba dancing with us! Hoping to see you in our next session!