Rock and Roll Dance Class

Very few activities can be enjoyed while keeping you healthy fit and stress free. Dancing happens to be one of the few ways to unwind in a healthy and creative manner. It is a fun activity that improves your skills, flexibility, confidence and grace. There is no age barrier to participate in this beneficial activity. Instead, it bags a lot of health and social benefits.

This makes dancing a must learn for everyone. There are many different dance forms and styles, each of them distinctly unique. The rock and roll dance is a unique partner dance that is very entertaining. If you’re looking for an energetic dance form or partner dance, maybe you should enroll in the rock and roll dance class.

The rock and roll dance is a very athletic and competitive form of partner dance. It involves a lot of acrobatics and stunts. It is a unique dance form, designed primarily for performance and competition. It can be performed by partners of different gender or an all female group. It can even be danced with one male and two females (known as triples).

The acrobat rock and roll originated from the lindy hop dance. This dance form features kicks and acrobatic elements such as flips, jumps and throws. It is really fun and entertaining and you would absolutely love to indulge. Because of the nature of this dance, it is performed most often by young dancers. It is demanding, requires speed and acrobats and is absolutely enjoyable. The four step rock and roll dance is also known as the American jive.

What are the Specific Dance Steps or Moves to Learn in this Class?

  1. Triple Step: This dance move features three steps performed on two main beats of music. It features two quick steps and one slow one. It is a very fun component of partner dances.
  1. Kick ball change : This dance move features a kick (into thin air) followed by the ball change. The ball change involves a partial weight transfer on the ball of a foot followed by a step on the other foot. The kick ball change is a rock and roll step that is danced to a three count rhythm.
  1. Heel ball change : The heel ball change is similar to the kick ball change except that the latter is performed in line dances. Hence, the ball change is done starting with the same foot and the whole move is done in one point. It also features the three count rhythm.

4: Rock step: This exciting move is a two steps dance move usually performed to two beats of music. It involves transferring weight from one foot to another in a rocking action. It includes either a rock back or rock forward and can begin with any foot.

5: American spin : This move features to triple steps and a rock step. It is very taxing and involves sustained dancing. This move can be performed across a variety of rock and roll tempos.

Benefits of Rock and Roll Dance Class

Health Benefits : Dancing generally lowers the risk of contacting a heart disease. Dancing rock and roll requires you to be physically and mentally alert. This state of alertness can spill into other areas of the performer’s life. You can also lose weight and regain total fitness while participating in the rock and roll dance class.

Social Benefits : Since this dance form is a partner dance and sometimes performed in groups, your social life will be enhanced because it is an activity that will bring you together with other people activity.

What to Wear/ Bring to class?

Durable clothing made of elastic artificial fiber. Your pants and tops should allow for free movement.

Shoes : Usually light sneakers. The sole of your sneakers should possess both slip and grip features.

This dance form is very entertaining and is hence one of the most popular performance and competitive dances there is. It is absolutely fun and can be enjoyed by anyone. However, you should come to class with a change of clothes and other essentials you may need.