RnB Dance Class

RnB dance is a particular dance form that is primarily and highly influenced by RnB or Rhythm and Blues music. It was popularized in the US during the 40’s, and it exemplifies a dance form that is full of flow and soul.

This contemporary dance style is considered to be one that allows you to move freely and express yourself according to the rhythm of the music. The dance styles and techniques used in RnB dancing are also calmer but full of expression and emotion.

This dance is popular among the young people; however, with the fluidity and unique vibe it has, it is definitely enjoyable for people who are young at age as well as young at heart.

If you are interested in learning the art of RnB dancing, you are definitely on the right page, for we offer the best RnB dance classes that are designed and structured to make you learn the dance form in the most effective and exciting way possible.

What can you learn from taking our RnB dance class?

We offer RnB dance classes for beginners and experienced dancers. Each session is structured in a way that enables the students to learn the dance form well. Thus, it starts with learning essential information about RnB; then by executing basic rhythm and blues dance steps until the sessions become more complex and more dancing styles and techniques are taught and performed.

In case you are struggling in catching up with the steps, there is nothing to worry about. Our competent and patient instructors will help you and make sure you keep up in the easiest and most convenient manner during dance lessons. In this way, you will learn the art of RnB dance effectively.

Aside from these, you will definitely have fun during the RnB dance class, for you get a chance to jive with the vibe of RnB music. You get to go with the flow of the song and groove your body in the most expressive, creative and graceful way.

Dance Moves Learned in this RnB Dance Class

  • Wave: This dance move involves moving your hand in a waving motion and moving your body fluidly to the opposite direction of your hand.
  • Crunch: This dance move entails you to place both your hands behind your nape, then bend your knees and move your upper body to the front. After which, return to standing position with your legs slightly opened, and your hands still placed behind your nape. Then, do this dance move repeatedly.

Benefits for those who take this class

Aside from the knowledge and skill you will learn from our RnB dance class, you also get to experience these benefits for yourself, especially for your health and fitness.

  • RnB dancing is a great way to lose weight and get fit.
  • It is a dance form that focuses both on art and body movement, enabling you to get creative while performing it.
  • RnB dancing helps in keeping the heart pumping and functioning well.
  • It enables a person to improve his/her grace, flexibility and self-expression in dancing.
  • RnB dancing is a new way for people, especially for kids, to be learned about global dance culture and have respect for each dance form.

Nothing holds you back from trying RnB dancing, because it is suitable for all levels and ages! Thus, it is a fun activity you and your family can do.

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Aside from offering RnB dance classes, we also offer sessions in other dance forms such as hip hop, pop, ballet and jazz dance, which you might also be interested in checking out.

Step up and learn the art of RnB dancing straight from the experts. Join us today and see you in class!