Private Pole Dance Class

Private Pole Dance Class

Pole dancing is a very attractive dance form and also requires a lot of energy. This guide covers everything you should expect in a private pole dance class session. It is no news that a lot of people love their privacy especially with sensitive dance forms like this. This is why we have private sessions for individuals who may not find the general class helpful. Private dance classes will give you the liberty of even choosing your own exclusive dance tutor, which is also great. This kind of session is also ideal for very busy people who cannot meet up with the regular class schedule.

What is the Private Pole Dance Class About?

Pole dancing involves dancing and performing acrobats with a vertical standing pole. This also means that only one person can use a pole at a given time. This is usually a bit inconvenient in general classes because you would have to wait for your turn to try out moves on the pole. Hence, learning might be a bit slow. In the private pole dance class, you will have exclusive access to a pole and a personal tutor or instructor. This is a double plus because it eliminates time wastage while enabling you to learn faster. If you run on a very busy schedule, this private session will also work for you because you would have more value for your time. In a nutshell, a private pole dance class will allow for exclusivity, quality learning experience, and a personal dance instructor. In the private pole dance class, you could also learn intermediate and advanced pole dance moves.

What are the specific dance moves to learn in this class?

  1. Hollywood Spin: The Hollywood spin is performed by walking around the pole while holding onto it with your hands. Next, you hook one leg around the pole, and stretch out the other. The outer leg will be angled downwards to perform a Hollywood spin. It is a very popular beginner pole dance move.
  2. Hook and Roll: The hook and roll is performed by hooking your leg up high in the pole. While performing this spin, your body will be held slightly horizontal.
  3. Chopper spin: This is an intermediate pole dance move and is carried out by walking around the pole with your inside arm holding the pole. While doing this, you bring your other arm to the pole and lift your body in an inverted V pose while rotating around the pole.
  4. Pike spin: This move is performed by walking forward around the pole while still holding it with your arm. While doing this, lift your leg into a pike, leaving the pole in between your legs. Your legs should be kept straight and your toes pointed.

Benefits of the private pole dance class

Partaking in a private pole dance class session has a lot of specific benefits;

  •        Privacy or exclusivity
  •        Flexible class timing
  •        Personal tutor
  •        Personal pole
  •        Quality rehearsal

Just like other dance forms, pole dancing on its own has numerous health benefits;

  •        Rapid weight loss and muscle toning
  •        Improved balance and flexibility
  •        Great performance dance form that can earn a living

What to wear/bring to class

For a private dance session, ensure that you wear clothes you are comfortable in. Since the class is exclusive, you can rehearse with professional outfits if you want to. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you wear clothes that will expose your thighs and arms because they will be in contact with the pole. This is so as to avoid friction or accidental trip and fall. So a nice shorts and a sleeveless top will do. No shoes are required for pole dancing.


The private pole dance class is like every other private dance class with personal instructors. If this option is best for you, you should quickly sign up and begin your classes. When coming for your classes, you should avoid using lotion or oil on your skin to avoid friction on the pole.