Private Bollywood Dance Class

Private Bollywood Dance Class

One of the most colorful and exquisite dance forms popular today is Bollywood dancing. This dance form has sprung forth from the combination of Indian Classical and Indian Folk dances, as well as inspired by other dance forms such as hip hop, jazz and belly dancing. It has made its name through its exposure in Bollywood movies. What makes this dance form something interesting to try is it does not fail in emphasizing India’s beautiful culture.

Bollywood dancing exemplifies graceful but whimsical dance moves that are both attractive to perform and watch. It is paired with vibrant and colorful costumes. This dance form also stands out among the others since it is focused on conveying happiness and life through snappy and joyful dancing.

With the remarkable characteristics Bollywood dancing has, it is definitely worth trying! Thus, if you want to take your first Bollywood dancing class today, you are on the right page, for we offer the best Bollywood dance classes designed to make you learn it fast and fun.

What can You Learn from Taking this Class?

Our Bollywood dance classes cater to beginners and experienced dancers. The lessons go from simple to complex, but in case you can’t keep up with the steps, our competent and expert instructors will make sure you learn and catch up with the group in the easiest way for you.


If you are interested in keeping the class exclusive for you and your group, we also offer private Bollywood dance classes which you might be interested in. This is very ideal for corporate employees and small groups looking for a flexible time to learn Bollywood dancing in a private manner.

Dance Moves Learned in this Private Bollywood Dance Class

  • Thumka or hip shake: This dance move involves placing your body weight on a steady foot and bending it a little on a forward position. Then, put the other foot forward and shake your hips. You can place one hand on your hip and the other hand behind your head. You can also place both hands on your hips.
  • Horse move: This dance move requires you to do mini hops or gallops. It can be paired with the Lotus Hands gesture, which is an intricate hand movement where you curl your fingers to form a lotus. Then, as you do the hand gesture, you place your hand up until you gracefully put it down sideways.
  • Hip swivel: This dance move involves shaking the hips while doing a forward step. You can place both hands freely on the sides, but you can also form your hands to grip.

Benefits of Taking Our Class

Bollywood dancing is not just a fun and exquisite dance you can learn, but it also comes with a lot of benefits, especially for your health, fitness and wellness.

  • Learning Bollywood dancing enables you to build your grace and confidence while performing.
  • It is a great way for you to stay fit, flexible and healthy.
  • It is the best way to have fun while working the body out.
  • It is a great way for you to improve how you go with the rhythm and jive of buoyant Indian music.
  • It gives you the opportunity to learn the best of Indian culture in the form of dancing.
  • Mastering the art of Bollywood dancing allows you to learn other snappy dance forms and techniques faster.
  • In case you avail of our private Bollywood dance classes, you will get to learn it in a schedule available and flexible for you.
  • Availing of our private Bollywood dance classes entails you to get individual attention from our trained instructors.

With these benefits you can get from taking our Bollywood dance class, there is really nothing more to ask for! Learn the art of Bollywood dancing today.

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