Private Ballet Class

Ballet is one of the most interesting dance forms and is also a performance dance that is enjoyed by almost anyone. Just like other dance forms, it is one of the surest ways to stay fit and it can be a very effective part of any fitness routine. Apart from the additional skill, ballet dancing promotes flexibility of the body in a fun way. Private Sessions are a quick way to acquire ballet skills and become a pro in no time. So if for any reason you cannot enroll in a general ballet class, this private ballet class would be a great option for you.  This guide covers everything you should expect

Ballet dancing is a very artistic dance form and it involves precise steps ad gestures performed to classical music. It uniquely features light and graceful movements which makes it a very interesting performance dance. The private ballet dance class is a unique dance session that will avail participants the benefit of a personal tutor and a worked out schedule. This arrangement is great because you can quietly and privately achieve your ballet dance goals even to advanced level. It saves time because of the exclusivity between participants and the tutor. It is one of the surest ways to learn a dance form in an advanced level. One great thing about the private ballet class is that you get to pick and work with an instructor that you are comfortable with. Ballet can be enjoyed as a partner dance and when it is performed solo. The private ballet class will give you the opportunity to explore all these options.

What are the specific dance moves to learn in this class?

  1.       Plier: This is a beginner dance move and it is a French word for bend. It is a slow exercise that is performed to ensure a good posture before the dance begins. Plier steps would require you to chin up slightly, place your shoulders down and keep your back straight. Gently rest your hand at the back of your chair and turn your feet out from your hips while keeping your legs straight.
  2.       Tendu: This is another beginner ballet move that is performed by sliding your feet on the floor until you are fully pointing your toe. It is a great exercise that is meant to warm up your feet and legs.
  3.       Chasse: This move is performed by extending one foot out and then chasing the front foot with the back foot. It is performed in series to mimic a typical chase.
  4.       Extension:  Extension is ballet move that involves the dancer raising and holding his or her extended leg in the air. Performing this move would require balance, flexibility, alignment and strength in order to have a proper extension.

Benefits of the private ballet class

Apart from having a personal instructor, schedule and an exclusive class, there are numerous health, social and fitness benefits associated with taking part in a private ballet dance class. Some of the benefits include the following;

  •         Improves muscular strength and tone
  •         Improves flexibility of the body
  •         Relieve stress
  •         Burns calories
  •         Builds muscle and agility
  •         Sharpens cognitive function
  •         Improves posture and boosts confidence

What to wear/ bring to class

The basic outfit requirement for this dance class is a pair of pants or tights, a top or shirt and a pair of soft ballet shoes.


Private class sessions are usually more productive than general classes and it is a great way to begin a dance routine. However, you should ensure that you bring to class a change of clothes, face towel and other essential items you may need.