Private Ballet Class For Beginners

Private Ballet Class for Beginners

Ballet is a very attractive dance form that can be enjoyed by anyone. A lot of people around the world have discovered that ballet dancing is a great way to stay fit and flexible and at the same time have a lots of fun in the process. Of the dance forms and classes to enroll in, ballet seems to be the dance form that most people admire a lot. It is a great dance form that can be enjoyed with or without a partner. Private dance sessions are arranged for individuals who love their privacy or for one reason or the other cannot enroll in the general class. This guide covers everything you should know about the private ballet class for beginners.

Ballet is a very interesting dance form and can be enjoyed with or without a partner. Just like other Latin dance forms, it is a great performance dance too. The private ballet dance class will give you the privilege of having a designated tutor or instructor. The good thing about this unique arrangement is that you get to be instructed by someone you seem more comfortable with.  This dance class is ideal especially for individuals with a very busy schedule and cannot meet up with the general class. Also, if learning in a group will be an issue for you, this should be your best option. Another great benefit is that you would learn the dance a lot sooner and as a result, save time.

What are the Specific Dance Moves to Learn in this Class?

There are very interesting dance moves in ballet. For a beginner level, you should look forward to learning the following dance moves.

  1.    Plier:  This move is a slow exercise that tests whether your posture is good. It is one of the first exercises to expect in your dance class. A few plier steps would require you to chin up slightly, place your shoulders down and keep your back straight. Gently rest your hand at the back of your chair and turn your feet out from your hips while keeping your legs straight. After these exercise, you are ready to dance.
  1.    Tendu: The Tendu dance move will allow you to start using your feet a bit more. it is performed by sliding your feet on the floor until you are fully pointing your toe. This exercise is meant to warm your feet and legs and is very crucial especially if you want to dance well.
  1.    Turnouts:  This is one of the most important principles of ballet and it s very ideal for your first few classes. Virtually almost all steps in ballet are done in turned out position, so this is a very important basic information to take note of. A basic ballet turn out is done from the hips outwards.
  1.    Pointed toes: When your ballet class begins to get interesting, you start performing actual moves. This move looks simple and would require you to point your toes outwards and properly aligned.

Benefits of the private ballet dance class

Apart from the obvious benefit of exclusivity and a personal tutor, taking part in a private ballet class session also has a lot of health and fitness benefits. Some of them include;

  •         It improves muscular strength and flexibility of the body
  •         It also help improve body awareness and physical self control
  •         It is great for weight loss as it helps burn calories.
  •         Relieves stress

What to wear/ bring to class

The basic outfit requirement for this class is a pair of tights, a top or shirt and a pair of soft ballet slippers.


Since it is private class, the schedule would be a lot more flexible but you should not forget to come with a change of clothes, face towel and other essentials you may need in class. The ballet dance is an interesting dance form and can be enjoyed even from beginners level.