Popular Dance Classes in Singapore

Learn more about the popular dance classes in Singapore that are perfect for every style and for everyone including dance classes for adults and kids.

From hip-hop to ballet, dance provides different ways to shake your hips or booty and get your groove on in this country. Dancing is one of the most enjoyable fun activities to dwell in. regular dancing helps you to build muscle strength, concentration, and coordination. As well as losing weight, dancing enables you to increase balance, improve posture, maintain strong bones and eliminate stress.

This article introduces you to some popular dance classes taught in Singapore to help you get started in dancing.

1. Ballet dance

Ballet is one of the most popular dance styles in the world. Ballet is an artistic an extremely technical style of dancing which involves light, graceful movements. Ballet is renowned for its conventional steps, grace, and fluidity of movement which makes it a great foundation for all types of dance.
Ballet dance is taught in three forms namely, contemporary, classical and neoclassical. Ballet dance strengthens and tones the muscles of your legs, arms, feet, stomach and ankles. While ballet dance offers real fun, the faster exercises enable your heart and lungs to function optimally; hence performing ballet is a health benefit.
When practicing ballet, pay close attention to your teacher to learn steps and movements so as to perfect your moves.

2. Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance does not involve specific techniques as ballet. In contemporary dance, you attempt to explore the natural energy and emotions of your body to produce dance moves that are often deeply personal.
Contemporary dance classes are structured to enable you to build physical strength and flexibility as well as learning to tune into emotions to interpret changing genres of music. Today’s popular contemporary dances include tap dance, jazz dance, lyrical dance and modern dance.

3. Ballroom dance

Ballroom dance is another popular dancing style that has made a comeback in recent years, fuelled by TV shows and music videos. Ballroom dance encompasses a variety of styles and is performed by two partners, the leader, and the follower.
Popular ballroom dance styles in Singapore are waltz, flamengo, foxtrot, tango and swing dance.
Ballroom dance is popular among teenagers and adults because it is a social dance style, allowing one to dance with a partner. It helps to establish strength, balance, flexibility and posture.

4. Cultural dance

Cultural dances have roots dating back to thousands of years and reflect the life of people of a particular community. There are many different forms of cultural dances around the world. But modern cultural dances are blended with popular dance styles to make the unique and enjoyable.
Popular cultural dances in Singapore are Chinese dance, Indian dance, Line dance and Malay dance.
Line dance, for example, is a choreographed form of dance that’s performed in unison by a group of people in rows. The steps and routines are easy to learn and learners enjoy dancing to a variety of music genres like Latin, Malay, pop or Chinese.

5. Bollywood dance

Bollywood dance is associated with the Indian film industry but is now popular in Singapore and other regions. Bollywood dance is renowned for being upbeat and often tells a story or expresses emotions.

Bollywood dance blends classical Indian forms with modern western styles such as jazz, pop, and hip-hop.

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