Pop and Lock Dance

Pop and Lock Dance Class

Pop and lock or also referred to as popping and locking is a form of street dance that was popularized during the 60’s-70’s in California. It is a dance form that is highly influenced by hip hop, but what makes it distinct from other dance forms is it includes unique dancing styles such as tutting, waving and robot dancing. Also, since it involves locking or holding a particular dance move for a while before continuing on doing snappy movements, pop and lock is definitely something enjoyable to do for kids and adults alike.

Pop and lock has a touch of modern and funk styles into it, making it cool and exceptional to perform. So, with the uniqueness and ‘swag’ the pop and lock dance exemplifies, it is definitely something cool and fun to do! If you are looking for a dance studio that offers classes on this dance form, you are on the right page.

We offer pop and lock dance classes for kids and adults. Our courses are also structured in a way that it is most effective in teaching the students about the dance form. What also makes us the best choice if you want to learn pop and lock dance is we make sure you have a great, fruitful and enjoyable time doing it!

What can you learn from our Pop and Lock Dance Class?

We offer pop and lock dance classes for beginners and experienced dancers. However, if you are still a beginner and you are having a hard time keeping up with the dance steps and routine, our skilled and patient instructors will make sure you catch up with the group in a fun and easier way for you.

You will surely enjoy taking up our pop and lock dance class, for each session is complemented with a cool music which you can groove and jive with! Also, pop and lock dancing comes with a number of benefits, especially for your health and fitness.

Dance Moves Learned in this Pop and Lock Dance Class

  • Waving: This dance move involves moving your hand to do snappy movements one at a time. You also move your head to the side of the moving hand to make it look better.
  • Hitting: This dance move involves snappily flexing your hand on a forward position, but gently putting it down to make it look better and cleaner.
  • Flexing: This dance move entails you to snappily flex the parts of the body.
  • Tutting: This intricate hand movement entails bending your arms and constantly moving it together to form different angles.

Benefits for those who take this class

  • Pop and lock dancing aids in making you lose weight and get fit.
  • It is a dance routine designed to work the body out, helping you to become slender.
  • It is a great and artistic way to have fun while working out.
  • Pop and lock dancing helps in keeping the body, especially the heart, healthy.

What also makes this dance form a must-try for all is Pop and Lock Dance Class is suitable for all levels and ages! Thus, it is a great activity enjoyable for you and your family.

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Aside from pop and lock dance, we also offer courses on other dance forms such as salsa, ballet, club, jazz, hip hop and Bollywood dance, which you might be interested in trying out as well.

Today is a lucky day, for you have a chance to avail one pop and lock dance class for free! You can also check our website for our upcoming events and programs.

Learn the art of pop and lock dancing the best way ever. Move and groove with us, and join the club today. See you!