Pole Dance Moves from Basic to Advanced

All Levels of Pole Dance Moves and Terms!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer you can learn about a few dance steps right from our website! Pole dancing moves are actually quite difficult. It may look easy, just spinning around a pole, however, pole dancing moves require significant upper body strength, flexibility, agility, and a lot of training! If you are new to pole dancing and acrobats, we highly recommend that you take a beginner class, and don’t just try these moves at home or with your friends. Check out these pole dancing moves, dance steps, and poses below separated into levels, so you can easily follow along.


  1. Walking Around the Pole– The first thing that many beginners learn is how to walk around the pole. It may seem easy, but it requires a certain amount of grace. In order to walk around the pole like a pro, hold the pole with your inside arm while walking around the pole. Don’t forget to point your toes, keep your back straight, and extend your legs!
  2. Hip Circles– For this move, put your back against the pole, and place your hands on your hips. Simply make circles with your hips against the pole.
  3. Full Turn– Make an 180 pivot around the pole!
  4. Full Bridge– In front of the pole make a “bridge,” like you may have seen gymnasts do. To make a beginner bridge, lie flat on the floor, reach your hands over your head, and push your body weight up with your arms and your legs up. Your body will be horizontal to the floor and in the shape of a bridge! That’s why we call it— a bridge!
  5. Forearm Stand– To complete a forearm stand, think about a handstand, but instead of it being on your hands, it will be on your forearms. Use the pole for support, keep your back straight, and place your body weight on your forearms. In this position, you will be against the pole upside-down.


  1. Side ClimbLock your inside leg around the pole to get ready for this pose. Then, put your arms in a stronghold grip. You will slowly lift your body up while maintaining your grip on the pole with your inner leg. Your outside leg will help you climb up, as you hook your outside leg to the pole and climb!
  2. Straddle– Got arm strength? You’ll need it for the straddle! You will place one arm above your head and hold the pole with this arm and adjoining hand. You will maintain your body weight primarily with the arm above your head. Your other arm will grab the pole from the bottom, meanwhile, you will make a straddle position on the pole. To make a straddle extend your legs as far apart as possible from each to make a horizontal line with your legs in the air.
  3. Handstand Bow & Arrow- Looking for something a little easier? No problem! For this move, make a handstand against the pole with your face looking toward the audience (away from the pole). Kick one leg and hook it around the pole. Kick your other leg out in front of you and impress the crowd with this fancy move!


  1. Princess- Try feeling like a princess with this pole dance move! Lock your inner leg around the pole and let your outer leg point down and touch the pole. You have to support yourself with your inner leg and also your inner arm. Your inner arm will be grabbing your inner leg. Your outer arm will go straight up into the air. As this move is quite a bit complicated, we recommend that you do not try this by yourself!
  2. Crescent- First, climb the pole to the top. Lean back into the Cross-Ankle Release, while crossing your legs and ankles. Reach your arms back towards the pole and grab it securely. You will be upside down on the pole with your arms over your head. Meanwhile, your legs should close around the pole securely. Your body will be in the form of a crescent moon!

Want to Learn More? No problem!

If you are interested in learning more or learning from the experts, consider taking a pole dance class! You can find our pole dance classes by browsing the internet or simply clicking on the “classes” tab on our website www.dancingmeow.com and look for available pole dancing classes. We ask that you exercise caution when trying any dance moves from beginner to advanced. If you are a true beginner it is best to take a class than trying moves on your own.

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