Pole Dance Class for Beginners

Pole Dance Class for Beginners

Pole dancing is a dance form that attracts a lot of attention. This article is a detailed guide that covers what you should expect in a pole dance class for beginners. Pole dancing is a form of performing art that has to do with the combination of dance and acrobatics, all of which are centered on a vertical pole. It has gained popularity in recent times and is practiced as a great form of fitness and entertainment to many. Pole dance is great form of exercise and is now commonly used in both aerobic and anaerobic work outs.

What is the Pole Dance Class for Beginners all about?

Pole dance is a performance dance form that involves performing dances and acrobats with a vertical pole. This dance form can be performed by both men and women that are willing to take up the challenge. Apart from being an enjoyable dance form, it is a great form of exercise that will increase your strength, suppleness and improve your muscle tone. Ideally, we can say that it will make a very functional part of your fitness or weight loss routine.

The pole dance is also great for working the upper body. This is because unlike other dance forms, the pole dance class allows for work out on the arms from beginners level. Pole dancing is great for your upper arms and inner thighs. It will go a long way to tone your muscles in those areas, keeping you fit with noticeable results even after a short while.

So if you feel you are unfit to begin, you need not worry because you would be working with your body’s weight most of the time. However, pole dancing will require one person per pole at a time, so you would need to be patient during the classes. This is because it could be dangerous, so it is important for the instructors to pay attention to one or two people at a time. This beginners class will improve your upper body work out and give you the confidence to move to the next level.

What are the Dance Moves to Learn in this Class?

  1.       Front hook spin: This move involves walking around the pole while holding your inside arm on the pole. The hook is then performed by wrapping your inner leg round the front of the pole, then your outside arm and the outside leg being the last to be positioned.
  2.       Back hook spin: The back hook spin is the opposite of the front hook spin.
  3.       Martini spin: This move is performed by walking forward around the pole with your inside arm holding unto the pole. In this move, your outer leg will be positioned last and it will be extended and angled upwards.

Other dance moves will include the Hollywood spin, stag spin and fireman’s spin. You will also learn various positions including; shoulder bridge, knee bridge, full bridge, fore arm stand etc.

Benefits of the Pole dance class

The pole dance has a lot of health and specific fitness benefits. Some of which includes the following.

  •         Rapid weight loss and muscle toning for upper arms and inner thighs
  •         Improved body balance and flexibility
  •         Great upper body work out
  •         Performance dance that can earn a living

What to wear/ bring to class

In order to partake in the pole dance class, you will need to wear comfortable clothes.  Ensure that you expose your thighs and arms as they will be in direct contact with the pole. Long clothes may cause you to slip and fall. In a nut shell, a regular work out wear (with shorts) will be fine.  Also, the dance is performed bare foot so foot wears will not be required.  


Finally, when coming for the pole dance class for beginners, you should avoid using lotion or oil on your skin. This is so as to prevent any accidental slip and fall. Do not forget to bring your change of clothes, face towel, water and other personal items you may need for this dance class. If you are looking for a fun fitness routine, this might just be your best bet. See you in class.