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Pole Dancing as a Competitive Sport

As we move into an age that views pole dancing as a competitive sport, a type of dance for fitness, and even a gymnastic art, we are also seeing the development of pole dancing organizations and pole dance competitions for everyone of all ages- men, women, and children too! You can now find pole dancing classes in both western countries and in Europe.
The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) has been pushing to make pole dancing included in the Olympics. In 2012, the organization established the World Pole Sports Championships to provide more strength to their application to include pole dancing in the Olympics. IPSF has been gaining support globally to be included in the Olympics. Pole Dance Cape Town in South Africa has also supported the IPSF’s efforts for pole dancing to be included in the Olympics.

The World Pole Sports Championships

The World Pole Sports Championship, sponsored by IPSF, takes place annually in London in July. As noted on polesports.org there are multiple categories in which competitors can perform which include men, women, doubles, masters (40+), masters (50+), and even youth. The youth category features two different brackets. One for youth ages 10-14 and another bracket for youth ages 15-17. Much like any other professional dance competition there are established regulations, rules, and a scoring system to ensure that a fair competition ensues with impartial judges.

United Stated Pole Dance Federation (USDF)

The US Pole Dance Federation became the first organization to host pole dancing competitions and events in 2008. Well-trained pole dance athletes compete in USDF events which are judged by USDF-trained judges with extensive experience and education in dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, choreography, and even aerial work. Competitors in USDF competitions have opened their own dance studios and gone on tour too! Learn more about USDF at https://uspoledance.com/about-us/.

Miss Pole Dance America

In America, you can now find the Miss Pole Dance America competition. The first Miss Pole Dance America competition was held very recent in pole dancing history. It was held on April 18, 2015. This competition is designed for the best of the best in America when it comes to pole dance fitness performers and pole dance showgirls. Individual performers compete annually to win the Miss Pole Dance America title! There are competitions for pole dancing teams too at this event!

In order to win the Miss Pole Dance America title, dancers must show a combination of athletics and performance skills. Expert pole dancers are both feminine and also strong. Misspoledanceamerica.com lists the following qualities that a successful competitor must display in their routines: aerial presence, grace, elegance, costume, dance technique, feminine beauty, creativity, and the “X Factor.”

Pole Dance Competition Denmark

Another popular, well-loved pole dancing competition takes place in Denmark! In this competition, both professionals and semi-professionals can compete to become champions of Pole Dance Demark competitions. In 2017, there will be three dance categories that both groups can enter: pole dance art, “pole dance Classique” and pole dance entertainment. Both men and women can enter in each competition! May the best win in 2017! Learn more about this year’s competition at http://poledancecompetitiondenmark.com/.

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If you are fascinated by pole dancing competitions or are interested in learning more about pole dance there are endless sources on the internet. Pole dance competitions have gone global, so regardless of where you live you may be able to find a pole dancing class or a pole dance competition near you! We are also very excited to offer a listing of available pole dance classes in the area. You can view these available classes by clicking on our “classes” tab on our website: www.dancingmeow.com. Here at Dancing Meow, we understand the value of diverse types of dance and have respect for every performer. Please feel free to explore our website and read our other blogs about different kinds of dance that we love!

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