Pointe Ballet Class

Pointe Ballet Class

I’m going to be really honest here.  Pointe ballet, isn’t just ballet, it’s a giant stride in ballet and anyone who’s good at it is usually highly respected.  Pointe ballet is a ballet technique that involves the dancer standing on their fully extended feet using pointe shoes. This dance started as result of the dancers desire to appear weightless and featherlike on the dance floor.  

With pointe dance class, there is generally no age restrictions before one can begin. However, it’s advisable that you don’t start before the ages of 12 -14. The reason is that to be en points, you have to stand on your toes, and for those younger than fourteen,  your bones might not be strong enough and this could cause permanent foot injury.  So to avoid that, you should wait till your bones are strong enough.  

Having said that,  I’ll also like to include that we offer en pointe ballet classes and there are requirements for this class which you should check with us via contact form or call us to learn more.

Dance moves to learn

revelè : this method of transitioning into en pointe ballet is done by letting toe boxes be in contact with the floor and rotating downwards and then upwards until they can attain vertical feet.

sautè: this dance move is very common but technical.  Here you’ll learn how to have your foot in the air and then land en pointe. This class is going to be wonderful and I feel it already.  

piquè : this dance move is done by  raising one foot in the air and then raising the other to its fully extended feet. Yes,  you’re going to be standing on one foot.

Benefits of this dance class.

Health Benefit. (staying fit)
 Doing the pointe ballet has its rough sides but there are more good sides and benefits to get from the dance class and the first one we’ll be talking about is staying fit.
Research has shown that ballet dancers,  make use of every single muscle in their body while dancing,  it might look simple but it’s a lot of hard work.  And when you muscles are constantly in use,  you become more fit,  develop a stronger stamina and if you have a lot of unnecessary weight,  you are bound to shed it.
Mind or Brain benefit.  
Being en pointe requires a lot of proper calculation of movement and combination of steps,  spatial arrangement, remembering dance moves and appropriately interpreting the music being danced to.  Taking the dance class will make your mind sharper and swifter than before.  

Performance and confidence.  
Taking this class will build your confidence over time, and even if you haven’t performed for a big audience in an expensive theatre, there’s just the sense of accomplishment you get for taking the class and doing things that seemed impossible before.  You become better and better after every class,  and performing becomes a part of you so much that you’d even want to just  show up and dance for your colleagues and immediate audience.  Just don’t go breaking stuff at your house though.  

Things to bring to class.

To be en pointe, you will be needing your regular ballet training outfit, tights,  and comfortable tops,  with your hair packed into a bun, the traditional ballet pattern.  For your shoes,  you’re to get en pointe shoes, but come with your regular ballet shoes till your dance tutor instructs that you use them.
You’ll also need to bring a change of clothes,  as you’re not allowed to wear your ballet outfit outside the lesson hall.  
You might want to get a bag,  where you can put all this stuff and let’s not forget water for hydration.  It could get really tasking here.

See you in class.