Modern Dance Class

Modern Dance Class

Modern dance, whose roots can be traced back to the 1900s, developed in opposition to what was seen as the rigidity and formality of ballet. Earlier modern dancers rejected ballet’s strict costumes, such as the use of corsets and pointe shoes, and ballet’s rigid structure.

Therefore, in modern dance, performers have more freedom in terms of their dressing, and also in their moves and routines. For instance, dancers are free to incorporate the whole body in their dance movements. Dancers are also encouraged to use their moods and emotions to create their own routines.

With the freedom modern dancing promises, there’s still a need for you to do the routine in  fluid, graceful manner. Therefore, we are here to teach you modern contemporary dancing, the fun and best way possible.

What Specific Dance Moves Can You Learn in Modern Dance Class?

The modern dance class may be divided into different stages, usually starting with warm-up exercises or lighter routines and posture check. Often students are led into a basic move designed by the choreographer. Once they have learned these moves under the guidance of the instructor, they become free to incorporate their own emotions and steps in the routine.

Some of the most basic dance moves which you will encounter in our modern dance class include flat back, spiral, leg swings, laterals, chasse and tendu.

Flat Back

Flat back is performed with the dancer assuming a bent-over position. The dancer’s hands are then raised up with the palms facing the body.

The Spiral

The spiral is performed with the dancer twisting the body starting with the pelvis, and going up to the torso, neck and head.


Chasse is a type of jump performed with the dancer placing weight on one foot, and then shifting the weight in such a way that both feet are in the air.

Benefits of Modern Dance

Unlike in other types of dance, anyone could take part in modern dance, whether they are young or old, or whether they have or do not have prior experience in dance. Additionally, in modern dance, dancers are free to make up their own moves and use dance to express themselves, which can come out therapeutic.

One of the most underlooked benefits of modern dance is that it enhances the physical and mental well being of dancers. Modern dance helps to connect with emotions, and release pent-up energy. Additionally, not only is modern dance a good aerobic exercise, it also helps build muscle strength and flexibility.

What to Wear/Bring to A Modern Dance Class

The traditional costume for a modern dance class is tights or a leotard. However, it is crucial that dancers wear something which gives them support, and is comfortable and nonrestrictive. The idea is to have on something which is neither too tight nor too loose to hinder movement.


In most modern dance classes, shoes are not necessary, as dancers go barefoot to enhance proper connection with the floor.

What to Bring:

For a modern dance class, you will therefore need good and comfortable attire, bottled water, hair clips (to secure the hair away from the face), deodorant, and a towel.

In conclusion, perhaps one of the most important things that any learner can bring to a modern dance class is a healthy attitude – come ready to have fun!