Merengue Dance Class

The Merengue Dance, also known as the National Dance of the Dominican Republic, is a dance which has a strong African history behind it. This dance is a very simple and beautiful Latin Dance. There is no need to be dramatic when you do this dance, since all you need to do is move to the feel and rhythm of the music.

What Specific Dance Moves Can You Learn In The Class?

If you’re beginner in this dance form, then you will be happy to know that the Merengue Dance is all about taking small steps at a time. You would also be happy to know that you’ll be required to dance with a partner to help you to learn faster and better.

Your dance class instructor will first take you through some basic merengue steps. The first step requires you to take small steps to the side with your partner while holding hands. This step will allow you to do The Closed Dance. In merengue, you will also learn about solo turns, which means that one partner will be turning. When this step is done, it should be gentle and the solo usually turns with one or two hands.

This might seem a little bit complicated for some of you to comprehend, but why not learn it for yourself by enrolling in our class? Guaranteed you’ll have fun while performing merengue dancing! Also, dancing to it comes with tons of benefits for your health.

Benefits of Merengue Dancing

  1. It encourages you to work with other people. By working with people, you will realize that it helps develop your social skills.
  1. Merengue Dancing helps you develop your confidence. At first, you may be worried about getting the dance moves right. However, as you learn the steps, your confidence in yourself improves, especially when you dance in a crowd.
  2. It contributes significantly to your health and fitness. When you exercise in any way, your body will benefit from it. Thus, merengue dancing allows you to exercise when you move to the rhythm and beat of the music.
  1. It helps you develop coordination skills. In merengue dancing, you are required to coordinate your body with the music. This will then improve your body coordination.
  1. Lastly, merengue dancing helps you enhance your non-verbal communication skills. Through this dance, you are required to express how you feel through body and facial expressions.

What to Wear/Bring To Class

You can wear some clothing you can comfortably dance in. This clothing should allow you to move around freely. Also, don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! Ladies should not bring “slip-on” or “sling-back” shoes because these shoes might slip off your feet while you are dancing.

Now that you know what to wear, let’s move on to what you should bring. Don’t forget to bring bottled water, an extra towel and a pair of slippers.

The Merengue dance is a very lively and benefit-rich dance. It can contribute to both your physical, social and mental health. So, there’s a lot of love about it!

Enrol in our merengue classes today to feel the vibe of Latin dancing. See you!