Mambo Dance Class

Mambo Dance Class

The forward and backward steps, along with the gyrating turns, have always kept the popular Mambo dance a favorite of all dance lovers. Doing the graceful movements and exquisite footwork to perfection, may require a bit of hard work. However, once done, you are all set to win hearts. So, if you’re interested to learn this dance form, we’ve provided you all you should know about the famous Mambo Dance.

Invented during the 1930’s by Arsenio Rodriguez, this Cuban dance form has ever found a place in people’s hearts. In the Kongo language, Mambo means ‘conversation with gods’. So, while dancing, performers merge the movements with the music, and execute the dance in a fun, vibrant manner.

Moves and Steps to Learn in Mambo Dancing

  1. Forward Basic

This step starts when the lead puts his left leg forward while keeping his right leg intact. Shifting his weight onto the left leg, the right leg is stretched. Then, the left leg is dragged back, near to the right leg and the weight is shifted back onto both legs. Then, the dancer shifts the weight onto the left leg and the right leg is dragged forward. This dance move is done repeatedly.

  1. Backward Basic

In doing this move, you step the right leg backwards while the left knee is bended, and the weight is shifted on it. A rocking motion is performed, which will be followed by the shifting of the weight back onto the right foot. The right foot should always be in contact with the floor.

  1. Cross-Body Lead

This is highly useful for leads to guide their follow. This step is used to move to different places on the area, like facing the direct opposite of the original position. The step is done by taking a 180-degree turn after the first weight shift of forward basic.

  1. Cross-Over Break

This step takes place when the pair’s hands are connected, but their feet take a one-quarter turn away. In this step, the rear foot holds the complete weight of the person.

Benefits of Mambo Dancing

Mambo dancing comes with a basket full of benefits. It helps you stay young, decelerating the process of aging and increasing your lung capacity. Of course, we all know that aging comes with a hectic disease called ‘Osteoporosis’. However, Mambo dancing prevents this disease and also prevents Arthritis.

Based on the speed and intensity mambo dancing maintains, it can burn up to 5-10 calories every minute. It helps increase blood circulation and stamina. Finally, mambo dancing raises our endorphin levels, which then positively elevates our mood to help us fight stress and depression.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

Your dance costume must be vibrant and beautiful. More importantly, the person wearing it must feel comfortable in it. Wearing a backless clothing or with a low-cut in front is good, especially with a raggedy hem on the skirt portion. This exaggerates the motion of spins. Also, the dress should not interfere with your hands and wrists, to prevent it from not providing a grip during lifts and drips.

Don’t forget to bring bottled water, an extra towel and a pair of comfy slippers every time you come to class.

Tap your feet into the world of Mambo and enrol in our dance classes today! See you!