Malay Dance Class

Haven’t you thought of going beyond your borders? Like doing that dance move that keeps people in awe and gets them thinking. Wouldn’t you want that “something extra” at your wedding? I remember when I saw this dance move in a wedding and right there it was registered as a criteria for marriage as it became one of the few things I needed achieve before my wedding. This wonderful dance style of Australian origin, is known as the Malay dance.

The Malay dance is widely diversified and is heavily influenced by so many cultural practices and traditional elements. Namely: Martial arts, Storytelling and Humor. Most of the traditional Malay dances have also being influenced by India, Java and some areas of Southeast Asia.

These categories range from its folk dance drama, like the Mak Yong, to the Arab-influenced Zapin Malay dance. Mak Yong is a classic entertainment which combines all three of romantic stories, humour and operatic singing. On the other hand the Zapin dancers often times perform in pairs and are followed by a traditional music sound.

What are specific dance moves/steps to learn in the class

For beginners, you will start with a simple movement of the hands and feet and then followed by slow moves with eventual, more artistic and complex moves. Some of the moves include


  • Zapin which originates from the Arabic word ‘Al-Zafn’ simple means dance steps. The term is portrayed in its movement which focuses mostly on legwork variations. Like earlier stated, the dancers usually perform in pairs


  • Another popular category of Malay dance is the Joget. It is a lively and happy dance with an upbeat tempo. It is performed with a little sense of humor by couples having fast graceful moves. This fast and pacey dance style is typical of its lively and cheerfulness.


  • Asli is a dance style that shows gentleness and it is performed for the Royal Princess. It is known for its poetic verses which is introduced when the singer wants to evoke love, soulfulness or sorrow. In expression, the term Asli, connotes depth in expression.


  • Compared to the Asli, the steps are a little bit more moderate and the dance steps portray an energetic movement or comical rhythm.

Tarian lilin

  • Tarian style was carved out of the Joget. The term ‘tarian’ symbolizes a social dancing communication with the music in an atmosphere of liveliness. This is regarded as the most breathtaking and beautiful form of dance. It is also referred to as the candle dance as dancers are to hold on each hand, a small plate with burning candles. The dancers then perform artistically with the flames of the candle forming beautiful traces of light


  • It builds your self-confidence. This dance has a way of boosting your confidence level especially in the midst of friends and in a social gathering.
  • It is an aerobic exercise that helps to keep the heart in shape and develop the circulatory system.
  • It can used as means for losing excessive weight.
  • It conditions the body, builds stamina and increases flexibility.
  • Can be done in leisure hours to reduce stress.

What to wear/ bring to class

The dance wears for ladies can come in a simple free style, because of the leg works involved in the various dance moves. A comfortable dress with tight underwear would just be perfect because it allows you to be at ease and provides all the required comfort. As an alternative, you could wear short or sleeveless tops and a plain trouser, if you would be taking an energetic role. Shoes are preferred to be flat soles or a little bit of heels (like half an inch).

The dance wears for men is not so much of a stress. Very simple t-shirts and pants would just be perfect. Dress shoes which have leather soles are also advisable for both men and women. Remember that it could be sweaty in there so ensure you go along with an extra shirt or an added jacket that you could easily pull off when you become sweaty especially in energetic roles and more complex moves.


Enroll in a Malay dance class today and gradually develop the elegant self in you. All the moves listed above are so beautiful to behold. It is a highly promising class that engages your mind and your body in a variety of tantalizing musical rhythmical dance moves, that can’t be compared to any other dance style.