Lyrical Dance Class

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“Exercise is extremely boring”, said no one ever who made dancing as his or her form of exercise. Of course, dancing is fun! It is also extremely good for you as a form of exercise. It will enable you to get into shape and lose weight, while having fun. So, if you are looking for a dance type you can incorporate in your daily workout routine, you may be interested to try learning lyrical dancing.

Lyrical dance fuses ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, making it fun to learn while encouraging good health. While lyrical dance is comprised of both ballet and jazz, its moves aren’t nearly as fast as most jazz dances, and if you can imagine, it is more smooth and fluid than ballet.

Lyrical dance is captivatingly beautiful, and promotes musical expression through movement. It is a dancer’s interpretation of the music, and it tells a story through your body’s motions. Also, lyrical dance is often spontaneous, poetic and emotional.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn From This Class?

Lyrical dance combos are dance moves that produce fluid and attractive movements when combined. You will recognize that the dance steps and terminologies used are the same with the basics in other forms of dancing. A few moves you’ll learn in our lyrical dance class are the following:

  •        Ball change has a crossover appeal, and is used in lyrical dance as well as jazz, tap and hip-hop.
  •        Heel Turn is a ballroom dance term referring to the turning of the heel on one foot, while the other remains parallel.
  •        Rond is a pointed toe under a straight leg, which you see most often in ballet. Learning to draw a semicircle on the dance floor or in the air is a part of the move and will also be executed in lyrical dance.

Moreover, lyrical dance moves include the 1st, 3rd and 4th positions

  •        Plie is to bend
  •        Releve is to raise
  •        Tendu is to stretch
  •        Passe is to pass
  •        Developpe is to develop
  •        En L’ Air is in the air

Benefits of Lyrical Dancing

As previously mentioned, lyrical dance is a great exercise. The stretching of the dance encourages increased mobility, and is similar to the benefits of yoga. It is especially advantageous as you age, and helps with flexibility.

Additionally, lyrical dancing provides heart health benefits as an aerobic exercise. It increases your heart rate, and as a result, it enhances endurance and good function within multiple muscle groups.

Another benefit of learning lyrical dance is that it provides an emotional outlet for expression, and this is very good for mental health.

Finally, lyrical dance will improve your posture and along with that, your confidence.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

  •        Bottled Water– Dancing is a real workout, even when you’re just learning. So, bring bottled water to avoid becoming dehydrated.
  •        A pair of appropriate dance shoes should always be in your bag. Don’t show up in street shoes. You could wear a light pair of tennis shoes, or a pair of soft dance shoes.
  •        Towel- Of course, bring a towel you can use to wipe your sweat on.

Hoping to see you in our next session!