Lyrical Dance Class For Beginners

Dancing comes in different various forms and patterns. Some are original dances while some while some are derived from two or more original dances. The lyrical Dance is a dance step coined from jazz and ballet dances. It’s danced to a song with lyrics which helps the dancers express themselves in the best way possible.

This dance class is to teach you how to do the lyrical Dance.  You don’t have to be a professional dancer to learn, all you have to do is show up and be ready to learn the steps.

What dance moves can be learned here?

Ball Change

This ball change dance is a popular move amongst different dances.  It’s found in jazz, lyrical Dance and Hip Hop dances. This dance move is usually the first move to be taught to new learners of any of these dances. The ball change Is done by transferring weight onto the first foot and then a step back onto the second foot. This is the start and after this step, there are others you’ll learn at this class.


This is one dance move that is derived from other dance forms like line dancing, jazz etc. It’s simply done by stepping your right foot out to the side while facing your front, and crossing in front with the left foot. You step the right foot out again and cross it behind with the left foot. All you have to do is repeat this routine.

Heel turn

This is another dance move derived from ballroom dancing. It’s simply done by turning the heel of your supporting foot while the other foot stays parallel. During this turn, as the heel gets to a full rotation, the weight is transferred to the other foot.  This is one of the simplest dance moves in lyrical dancing. Learning this is not going to be a problem at all.

Benefits of lyrical Dance Class

Stress reduction: More than any other type of exercise, dancing has been proven to be the best form of exercise and the best way to reduce stress. Unlike working out, you don’t have to consider it a lot of stress; rather dancing helps you workout and burn calories while you’re enjoying yourself. It also helps in relieving your stress and keeping you healthy too.

Healthy memory: Research has shown that dance classes are usually unforgettable by participants. The lyrical Dance Class has the same effect as any other dance class. It works because you’ll have to remember the dance moves, and timing and this keeps your mind healthy and continuously effective.

Association: When you take lyrical Dance classes,  you make new friends. Meet different people and get to mingle with people who can contribute to your dancing career. Apart from this, you meet friends with like minds, and this helps you psychologically and emotionally too.

Relaxation: You must have worked all week and you have no means of relaxing,  this is a good way to take a break,  and have some fun. Give yourself some space to clear your head and just relax.

What do I wear to the lyrical Dance Class?

Well, for this class, you have to bring really comfortable clothes that won’t generate heat. That air can freely go through, tights that you feel comfortable in.

You can also get a pair of really good shoes That Won’t hurt your feet, a change of clothes, a change of clothes, and some water for rehydration.  

And then you might wanna bring a writing pad and pen to take notes of moves that’ll be taught during the lessons.


Taking a dance class isn’t so terrible if you ask me.  I mean dancing is fun and very relaxing.  This dance class is for anyone who’s interested and also for those who had previous knowledge and wish to renew their knowledge.  All you have to do is find the nearest dance studio around you and then get started.  Can’t wait to see you there!