Line Dance Class

So this dance is one of the best group dances ever,  I mean,  if you’re looking for something simple your group of friends want to do at an event, the club, or a social function, then you all should learn the line dance.

The line dance is a choreographed dance which is carried out by a group of people either facing each other or facing the same direction. They are usually in two lines depending on the number of people involved.  This dance mostly is done in country western dance bars,  ballrooms, social clubs etc. It’s a simple dance involving a lot of footwork.

Dance moves in this class

The line dance consists of many dance moves from other countries and dance styles. So there are a couple of moves  in the line dance, I’ll be stating some of them to stir your interest.

Heel Dig

This is really simple, it’s almost as if you’re digging your heel into the ground, a variation of this dance involves bending the one leg while the other is digging.

Double heel dig

This step is usually done in faster dances.  In this case you’ll rest your weight fully on your left foot and dig with your right foot twice,  to the front and slightly to the right.

Jazz square or Jazz box

This step is very similar to the jazz dance step, all you have to do is step your right foot across your left foot, followed by your left foot to the back and side,

and then move to the right with your right foot,and finally close your left foot to the left side of your right foot.

There are more dance moves to be learned all you have to do is come register and get the full package.

Benefit of  the line dance class

  • Teaches you how to dance.

There are some people who don’t know how to dance on their own, this is the perfect opportunity to learn. It’s a simple dance and can be done almost everywhere.

  • Balance..

This dance helps you improve your balance while dancing.  As a result of the numerous dance steps,  you’ll automatically be more balanced after a lot of practice.

  • Confidence

This dance will also help to boost your self confidence. I mean after learning all the dance steps, you’ll soon settle into the idea that you can do anything.

  •  Basic footwork

This dance will teach you different steps including triple steps, and more like it that could be applicable in other types of dancing from different parts of the world.

What do I wear for this dance class??

You will need a pair of cowboy boots for this dance class. It will be helpful. If you can’t afford them, you can use a pair of moccasin shoes for the mean time.

Also, put on a good  and comfortable pair of jeans,  and for the ladies who like to see themselves swirl as they dance,  you can wear a comfortable skirt and a nice cowgirl shirt will be perfect. Same goes for the men,  invest in good cowboy shirts.

For extras,  bring  a bottle of water for rehydration and exhaustion,  a little notepad if you like to take notes at the start.


Line dancing is a pretty simple and fun dance, it is done at weddings, birthday parties and other fun social events. If you’ve never danced before and You’re afraid to do it alone,  take a friend and join a line dance class.  We are everywhere and all you have to do is register.  And when you join, don’t be all serious, have fun.

See you in class!