Latin Fitness Dance Class

Latin Fitness Dance Class

Latin Fitness Dance is a popular dance form that originated in the different areas of Central and South America and focuses more on general fitness. Latin fitness dance is divided into several dance types:

  •        Cha-Cha-Cha
  •        Bachata
  •        Salsa
  •        Rumba
  •        Samba
  •        Merengue
  •        Mambo
  •        Paso Doble

If you are thinking of learning Latin Dancing today, you are definitely on the right page. We offer Latin Dance Classes for kids, teens and adults. We also divide the classes for beginner- and intermediate-level students to ensure a fun, effective and in-depth learning experience.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn From This Class?

  •        Cha-Cha-Cha Basic Step

This Latin dance move has a unique language to it. It involves counting the beat to 1, 2 and cha-cha-cha, where the counts 1 and 2 are done slower, and the counts cha-cha-cha are done quicker. It is done by placing your right foot forward, then moving your left foot forward, then moving the left and right foot alternately to go with the beat and count.

  •        Salsa Dance Step

The Salsa Dance Step involves placing your right foot forward while putting the weight on the left foot. Then, move your right foot backward so that it is beside the left foot. Then, move the left foot backward and then move it forward so that it is beside the right foot again. This dance move is done repeatedly according to the beat.

  •        Rumba Basic Step

This particular dance move is done by putting your left foot forward, then moving your right foot to the right side. Then, place your left foot on your right foot’s left side, and then place your right foot backward. Then, move your left foot to the left side, and then place your right foot on your left foot’s right side.

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

Latin Dancing provides you with a number of benefits to improve your health, fitness and wellness.

  •        Latin Dancing helps you achieve your fitness goals by promoting sweat and fat loss.
  •        It is a great activity you can do to keep the body toned and slender.
  •        It aids in keeping the body healthy by protecting you from acquiring cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses.
  •        It is an incredible way to work the body out while having fun doing it.
  •        Latin Dancing helps improve your grace, concentration and flexibility in dancing.
  •        Latin Dancing is a key for you to do other dance forms and styles easily.

What to Wear and Bring to Class

These are the outfit and footwear you need to wear, as well as the essential things you need to bring, every time you come to our Latin Fitness Dance Class.


Men should wear a dress shirt and dress pants when Latin Dancing. Women could also wear loose shirt and leggings, but it would be better to wear a flowing skirt or a formal dress as you go further with the lessons.


Men should wear Latin (Dance) shoes with heels higher than Ballroom shoes. On the other hand, women should wear open-toe sandals when performing a Latin Dance.

Must-bring Essentials

Bring a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water every time you come to class so that you stay hydrated and looking fresh and stress-free.

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We also offer personal or private dance classes to corporate employees, special groups and couples who would like to prepare a special Latin dance number for their weddings, fitness parties and other social events.

Learn Latin Dancing straight from our certified expert instructors. Give us a call now and hope to see you in class!