Latin Dance Class

Latin dance is the generalized term for the ballroom and folk dances originating from Latin America. In the international scene of dance sport competition, the categories of Latin dance comprise Cha-Cha, Paso-Doble, Samba and the Jive of USA origin. They can as well be danced socially.

Latin dance known for its sexy flair and sensual hip action. It is also gaining recognition on every dance floor. One major sector that this dance has infiltrated is the movie industry.  Learning Latin dances could be fairly easy as most of categories are made up of the same basic steps.

So, if you want to learn Latin dance and have fun while doing it, we got your back! We offer Latin dance classes for kids, adults and exclusive groups. We also divide our classes into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Therefore, our expert instructors can be hands-on in teaching you this dance form, depending on your knowledge and experience in it.

What are Specific Dance Moves to Learn in the Class?

The nature of the Latin dance makes it to be mostly enjoyed by couples. Sometimes, partners dance in a closed and tight position while other times hold each other with one hand.

Latin dancing can be ‘hot’ and physical. Also, quick step rhythms and playful moves make the variety of Latin dances always entertaining.

Latin Dance Styles

The name “Latin dance” could connote dances originated from Latin America, or a variety of International style ballroom dances.

International Latin Dance Styles

  • Cha-Cha

This category is performed energetically and sassily. The Cha-Cha is danced to pure Latin music or Pop. It is a branch of the Mambo dance.

  • Rumba

The Rumba is considered to be the “dance of love.” Dancers dance to love and romantic Latin songs. It is usually fun and very easy to learn.

  • Samba

This category is often difficult to learn. The Samba is a lively Brazilian dance comprising of many jumps and turns. It is an extremely fast dance.

  • Merengue

Merengue is a Dominican dance -the official dance of the country. It is generally considered easy to learn, making it a great choice for those looking to ease their way in to Latin dancing.

  • Bachata

This dance is a sensual and romantic dance, originated from countryside and rural areas of Dominican Republic. It is characterized by the hip motions and slower tempo than Salsa. 


  • It is an aerobic exercise that helps ensure the efficient vital system processes of the body. For example, the dance makes the heart works a little harder thereby increasing the rate of blood flow pumping more oxygen.
  • If this dance is done a daily basis, the chances of the dancer becoming sick would always be low.
  • People who engage in this exercise effortlessly shed weight without even knowing as they could be carried away by the fun and captivating rhythm.
  • It exposes the dancer to all kinds of people. This develops his or her interpersonal skills.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

Simple clothes that are comfortable. Note that the dance class is energetic and could lead to the dance sweating. A simple t-shirt and jeans will do for men.

Wear a pair of suitable shoes made of leather soles. Make sure that they are smooth to glide and perfectly fit on your feet. Do not wear shoes with heels more than 2.5”. Just get a pair shoes you can chase a bus with. Avoid shoes with lots of rubber grip or thread as they can be painful. They also break your movements.

Don’t forget to pack a bottle of water, an extra clothing and a pair of comfy slippers every time you come to class.


The rich history of this dance added to its and elegance and fun makes it a dance anyone would wish to master. It is a dance where you could freely express yourself and communicate even without talking. Also, it’s simply relaxing, captivating, sensual, romantic and breathtaking.

Learn the art of Latin dancing straight from the experts. Get your dancing shoes now and see you in class!