Lap Dancing Class for Beginners

Lap Dancing Class For Beginners

A lap dance is a unique dance form that commonly performed in clubs in which the dancer typically has body contact with the seated person. Lap dancing is quite different from table dancing in which the dancer is close to a selected person but without body contact.  In most cases, professional lap dance may require the dancer to be nude, topless or scantily dressed, depending on the laws governing lap dance in the given location or jurisdiction or the club policy. It is a sensual dance that can be performed among couples too. For instance, you could give your husband or spouse a lap dance. The lap dance class for beginners will guide you on the basic steps on how to perform a good lap dance.

What is the Lap dance class all about?

Since the lap dance involves body contact between the dancer and another person, the performer will be taught the basic steps and techniques on how to take charge of the entire dance routines. They are even tricks to getting out of over-cleaving persons or anyone who tries to take over the dance. Usually, a lap dance routine will require a lot of flexibility from the entire body most especially from the waist downwards. Just as pictured in clubs, it is an erotic dance that is performed with the dancer either in close or body contact with a seated person.

It is an interesting dance form and is arguably enjoyed by both parties. This is why some people pay huge fees to get a good lap dance. This dance class will enlighten you on the very important steps you would need to follow to perform an acceptable standard lap dance. It will equally motivate you to go deeper into lap dancing. This dance will give ladies and gents an edge in real sexual activities and is great dance form for couples, especially if your relationship needs spicing up.

What are the Dance moves to learn in this class?

  1.       The grinding circle: This lap dance moves involves standing about 2ft away from your partner and placing your feet slightly more than hip width apart with your toes turned out. At this point, you now begin to draw a circle with your hips while keeping your back arched. After which you will now slowly bend your knees and begin to dance erotically.
  2.       The turn: Throughout your lap dance session you will be turning around a lot. For this move, you will turn slowly with your partner barely noticing. Then you will continue circling your hips with a corresponding arms movement.
  3.       The slap and tickle: This move is performed by turning your back to your partner, then bending forward slightly to look at him, then stroke or slightly slap your bottom. Also, still facing backwards, you can gently sway your ankles while opening your legs gradually. you can then bend one knee to the side and straighten the other one out, raise your head to look at your partner and slap your bottom still.

Benefits of the beginners lap dance class

Just like other dance forms, the lap dance is a great way to work out the body. It allows for efficient lower body workouts and it can specifically tone your gluts and other muscles. Other benefits include the following;

  •         Boosts or increased libido for both parties
  •         Total body work out
  •         Can strengthen bond in couples
  •         Great for burning calories and weight loss

What to wear/ bring to class

Although lap dances are performed almost totally nude, it is not necessary for a dance class session. Just come with clothes that you would be comfortable with. Specifically skirts or pants that will reveal your cleavage will be appropriate.


Just like other dance routines, it will be tiring, sweaty yet very enjoyable. Hence, you should come with a change of clothes and other essentials that you may need. The beginner lap dance class promises to be a lot of fun