Korean Pop Dance Class

Korean Pop Dance Class

One of the latest dance craze in today’s world is the Korean pop or k-pop dance. With the spring of different k-pop dance groups, and the sexy moves and choreography they usually perform, no wonder it has become a hit worldwide! For most curious minds, what is Korean pop dance and what makes it so popular?

Korean pop dance is a dance form that is highly influenced by hip hop. It is a new generation of dancing style which was popularized by k-pop groups, as they complement their good music with this kind of attractive dance. This dance style is a good way for k-pop groups to enjoy the cool music they create. It has also become quite popular not only around Asia, but also all over the world.

The dance moves executed in k-pop dance are sexy and snappy at the same time, which makes it interesting to try for fans and followers. So, if you are an avid k-pop lover and you want to learn Korean pop dance today, you are absolutely in the right page. We offer Korean pop dance classes structured to make it fun, enjoyable and engaging for you to do.

What can you learn from taking this dance class?

Our dance classes are for both beginner and intermediate levels. Our beginner students usually start with warm-up exercises during the first part of the session before proceeding to learning basic k-pop dance moves and techniques. Of course, what makes every session fun and enjoyable than ever is students get to dance to their favorite k-pop music!

Once the students are successful in learning and applying the basics tackled during the beginner’s level, they proceed to another step, where the moves executed are more complex, and it may require them to work on k-pop dance moves at a quite faster pace. There will be a need to practice the moves at home after the day’s session to hone in your skills.

Dance Moves Learned in Korean Pop Dancing

  • Runaway: This dance move requires you to position your body sideways and move your body like someone chases you.
  • Penguin Shuffle: This dance move involves moving your feet fluidly and alternately. Each foot should alternately move like you are scrubbing the floor.
  • Gentleman: This popular dance move is executed by raising both your hands and pretending like you are holding something, then moving your hips sideways.

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

K-pop dance may be more complex compared to other dance forms, but it is definitely one of the hottest and most exquisite dance forms you can ever perform. It also comes with a number of benefits you should take note of:

  • It is a modern way to stay fit without being too serious in doing gym work or high intensity training.
  • Since it enables the body to move a lot, it also encourages proper function of the body, especially the heart.
  • K-pop dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to stay fit, healthy and most especially, sexy.

Aside from these benefits you can get from taking our Korean pop dance class, there is another reason why you should enroll now: Korean Pop Dance is suitable for all levels and ages! So, you can learn those hot and sexy dance moves if you’re young at heart. You can also encourage your kids to check it out and learn k-pop dance moves at an early age!

Get your groove on and unleash the youth in you by enrolling in our next k-pop dance class.

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