Kids Dance Class

Our Kids Dance Classes will expose your wards to the world of dance and music at a very tender age. It will assist them in learning new things at a faster pace through their relationship and interaction with lots of other kids.


The Hip Hop class will teach your kids how to move and groove to any for music. It helps to train their musicality while working on fundamentals of Hip Hop like body isolations, groove, bounce, and lots more. Each session will consist of proper warm-ups, body conditioning and basics of Hip Hop. Kids will also be able to learn exciting new dance choreography at every lesson they attend.

The class is for beginners and all ages. Even if you have little or no previous dance background, you will be allowed to learn.


Bollywood dance is a traditionally inspired classical form of dance based on the Indian-Bollywood culture. Folk rhythms are fused with trendy moves of Latin, hip-hop, and jazz, offering a fast-moving and vibrant dance routine. It provides the experience of Indian culture for your kids. This class is suitable for kids aged 3 and above.

Mommy & Me:

This class is designed for kids and their adult guardian to dance together. Young students will be introduced to age appropriate stretches, a class structure, rhythms, and coordination exercises. This class will encourage student expression while learning dance, music, and imagination.


Jazz dance is a gradually popular form of expression seen in many of latest music videos. Jazz dance is known to promote freedom of individuality and expression. It offers a fun and funky workout for your child’s body, boosting their health and developing their muscle strength. It is suitable for kids aged 4 and above.


In the tumbling class, students will focus on basic gymnastic movement and flexibility. They will be working on mats and performing stunts on the mini-trampoline.


Ballet is a structured and graceful form of dance which provides the basic foundation for lots of other kinds of dance. Our Ballet classes for kids will provide many other benefits which include: lengthening and strengthening their muscles, increasing balance, memory, core stability, and flexibility, improving their coordination, musicality, and rhythm, and above all children will be introduced to the joy of dance.

Services Offered

We offer different Kids Dance classes. They include:

We also offer Dance Performances and Events.

Why join us

We make mindfulness about different Kids Dance in Singapore, through cooperation and execution. Our Kids Dance classes are interested in teaching young people all they need to know about dance. Our point is to give a fun and energizing workout environment and in addition show youngsters moving aptitudes and systems.

We offer a strong and amicable climate to help in building certainty and to take in the exemplary specialty of the bother while attempting to locate your own inventive style.

Our Kids Dance classes are ideal for your little ones with next to zero past moving knowledge, hoping to have a fabulous time while taking in another execution aptitude. No experience whatever is required for them.

We likewise offer one-stop administration focus where understudies will have the capacity to handle matters identified with installments, money related guide, expenses and charging in one visit. There will be no cause to refer you somewhere else.