Kids Bollywood Dance Class

One of the most beautiful dance forms gaining popularity in this modern time is Bollywood dancing. This particular dance form showcases the beauty of the play of colors and whimsical moves. In addition, Bollywood dancing enables one to see a glimpse of the beauty of Indian culture, which is best manifested in the art of dancing.

Bollywood dancing has become popular primarily because of its exposure in most Indian movies. This dance form is highly influenced by India’s very own folk and classical dances. However, what makes Bollywood dancing unique is that it has a touch of other international dance forms such as belly dancing, jazz and hip hop.

Since Bollywood dancing is influenced by dance forms that utilize snappy and vibrant dance moves, it surely requires you to move your body a lot, which then enables you to stay fit and toned. However, what makes Bollywood dancing simply beautiful is you jive into the rhythm of buoyant Indian music and execute the moves in the most graceful way you can.

Just based on the fact that Bollywood dancing requires lots of snappy moves and vibrant gestures to execute, it may look like something complex to learn for most people. However, once you try learning this dance form, you will then realize that it is one of the simplest and most exquisite dance forms you could ever do.

What makes Bollywood dancing something interesting to learn as well is it can be done by almost anybody, regardless of age! Thus, if you have a kid that has passion in dancing, enrolling him/her in our Bollywood dance class will surely make the whole learning experience memorable for him/her! We offer the best Bollywood dance class for kids that aim to teach your child this dance form the most effective and enjoyable way possible. In addition, our expert instructors will assure that your child gets to have fun while learning Bollywood dancing.

How it Works, and What to expect in Kids Bollywood Dance Class 

The Bollywood dance classes we offer for kids are appropriately ordered and assigned according to their age as well as their mental and physical capability. We usually start off by sharing with them about the Indian culture and its history, language and art. Thus, our class is not just fitness-oriented, but it also lets kids learn more about India, especially that the dance form they are learning originated from this area.

In addition, as the kids go on from their current level to a higher level, they are exposed to more complex Bollywood dance moves that enable them to learn it with grace, great hand-and-body coordination as well as with proper posture. Thus, they will be able to execute the moves in Bollywood dancing better and more graceful through time.

Aside from the knowledge they get from Bollywood dancing, the kids will likely be able to learn other kinds of dances in an easier way, since they are already exposed to doing snappy and vigorous moves usually performed in Bollywood dancing. Thus, it gives them a long-term advantage in learning the art of dancing that covers all forms.

What Can Your Kid Learn from our Bollywood Dance Class Instructor?

Our expert instructors are well-versed about how to teach kids Bollywood dancing, in the best and most effective way possible. Thus, they follow a curriculum in which they teach particular lessons to a particular kids’ age group, just to make the learning process spontaneous and something kids will remember through the years.

For students with ages around 2-3 years, our instructors start off by teaching them some Indian stories and tales, and then encourage them to participate and socialize during the session. After which, the instructors let the kids recognize their body parts and movements, which could then be useful once they proceed to the next level.

For students with ages around 3-5 years, our instructors begin by teaching the kids some Hindi words as well as Indian stories and tales. After which, the kids are exposed to learning basic hand-and-body coordination skills and building confidence while on stage.

Once the kids reach another level or if they are with ages around 6-10 years, they will be taught some easy Hindi phrases. They will also be exposed more on Indian music, which then gives way for the instructors to teach them basic Indian dance moves and techniques that jive with the music played.

If the kids are of ages 11-13, the lesson becomes more focused on physical movement, because the kids are taught more about complex Indian dance moves and techniques.

On the last level, or if the kids are of ages 11-15, the instructors teach them more advanced Indian dance moves and techniques, then encourage them to be competitive and focus on grace, coordination and overall great performance.

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We also offer Bollywood dance classes to small adult groups or corporate employees. We also have events or programs that allow you to showcase your skills in Bollywood dancing. Thus, contact us now or you may check our website for our class schedule or book a particular day session you to enroll in.

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