Jazz Funk Dance Class

Jazz funk is a very interesting dance form of the mind and body. It is an artistic dance form that tells a story with your body. Just like other interesting dance forms, the jazz funk dance is very instrumental to fitness and weight loss programs. One great thing about it is that it can be performed and enjoyed by anyone. It is one of the youngest and most commercially successful dance styles and it has been in show business for just a few years.

It is a great performance dance and is used by most choreography performances of pop stars all over the world. If you’re thinking of acquiring a new contemporary dance skill, then this dance class would be great for you. The jazz funk dance class is a very interesting session that is absolutely beneficial to all its participants.

Unlike other dance forms, jazz funk does not require any classical training or perfect physical form. It is an ideal dance form for anyone who is not afraid of experiments and can be versatile in dances. It is a unique dance form and it involves combining basic movements of hip hop and jazz. This dance class is characterized by strong and interesting jazz music, strong beats and electrified sounds. It is a very innovative dance style that is loved by many. Some of the movements in this class are foundational movement found in jazz and they include isolation, flexibility and some syncopated movement.  Jazz funk also incorporated tiny bits and pieces of other dance forms into a funky style that is expressive and a lot of fun. This dance class promises to be very educative, entertaining and will allow you to express yourself accordingly.

What are the Specific Dance Moves to Learn in this class?

Most jazz funk dance moves are borrowed from other dance forms. Some of the dance moves to look out for in this class includes the following;

  1. Pencil turn: This dance move involves putting your feet together in front of you, then push up one foot and turn with a straight leg. This is one of the basic jazz turns and is usually performed in series until you return to the same position.
  1.      Barrel turn: This type of turn involves standing with your legs apart with the ball of your foot and then stepping back with your right foot. Turn a semi circle with your right foot, lifting up your left foot then move your arms in a circle while turning with your knees bent.
  1.      Straddle jump:  This jump is performed by standing with your feet together and placing your hands on the sides. Next you bend your knees and sit on the floor mimicking a squat position while touching the floor with your hands. You then take off from the floor with a push and jump with your legs extended to the side.
  2.  Layout:  The layout moves involves extending one of your legs while your back is arched with your hands in the same direction of your back. It is a very complicated move and requires flexibility to execute properly.

Benefits of the Jazz Funk Dance Class

Just like other dance styles, there are numerous health, social and fitness benefits associated with this dance form. Some of the benefits of dancing include the following;

  •         Weight loss
  •         Increases flexibility and alertness
  •         Improves muscle tone
  •         Improves coordination, boosts your confidence and self esteem
  •         It can help increase your level of concentration.

What to wear/bring to class

For the jazz funk dance class, you would require tight soft linens or body hugging satin clothes. The footwear can be either gymnastic shoes or soft ballet slippers. In any case, ensure you come with a foot wear that you are comfortable with.


Jazz funk is a very interesting dance form that is all about grace and finding your unique dancing style. It can be a whole lot of fun so put on your dancing shoes and join this fun opportunity. While you’re at it, do not forget to come to class with a change of clothes as it can get really sweaty in there