Jazz Dance Class For Beginners

Jazz Dance Class For Beginners

When I first started learning to dance, the jazz dance always looked to me like it was going to be difficult or an impossibility to achieve. I was wrong.

Jazz Dance was any movement or dance steps done in accordance with jazz music.  Over time, the jazz dance developed from its general form to a more refined form of dance that is now used on stage by professionals in theater. Today it’s a dance step practiced by anyone who’s interested.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself and wondered how the jazz dance is done, then this is your chance to know how.

What moves can I learn from jazz dancing?

Shimmer: This dance step is basically done by moving your shoulder one to the front and the other to the back in a very fast mode sometimes shaking of the breast is also involved for the female.

Jazz Square: This dance step is one done in four movements where you step out with your right leg, step back with your left leg, cross over with your right and then the last step where you step forward with your left leg. A piece of cake, this step is very sassy.

Head-roll:  As the name implies, the head roll move is simply moving your head in circular motions with your body in one position. This is not wiggling the head; rather it is a relaxed and coordinated movement of the head. You know this step and you’re almost there.

Jump over the Log: This dance step is fine with a jump from one leg to another. This jump is usually a grand jump but not entirely grand enough to make a leap. You can say it’s a controlled leap that’s done stylishly.

Jazz dancing is a very nicely coordinated dance that’s both energetic and gracious and learning this dance will add certain benefits to you.

Benefits of the jazz dance class


Jazz Dance helps you express the art in you.  Most people have hidden creativity in them that can only be expressed through the arts of singing, dancing, writing or otherwise. Sometimes words aren’t enough to express the creativity that we build up inside.  And so by dancing jazz, you can bask in the euphoria of the rush, which by the body movement helps you share your personal emotions and artistic talent.

Physical Fitness

By dancing jazz, they’re some physical fitness and health benefits attached. They include coordination and flexibility, strength and endurance, and the health benefits are immeasurable.

The jazz dance is one compiling different flow of movements from hands to feet to waist and torso. After such continuous movements for a long period of time, your body is bound to have some positive changes, you should have lost some weight, with your heart rate, and your body systems will be working perfectly.


Jazz dancing comprises of steps from many other dances like ballet, funk, and some others not mentioned. Therefore by the virtue of taking jazz dance lessons, you learn some steps from other dances which in turn give you an edge in diverse dancing communities.

What do I need for the dance class?

It’s important that when you’re coming for jazz dance class you dress as comfortable as possible because there is going to be a lot of twist and turns and foot movement and so I’ll be listing the things you’ll need.

Wear comfortable clothes: Ensure that you wear clothes that will give you fewer distractions.  Preferably, a tight top and dancing shorts or tights will do. This way, you don’t have to adjust your clothes while dancing.

Dancing shoes: What’s dancing without shoes?? You’ll need to get yourself good jazz shoes that’ll be comfortable on your feet. You could get lace ups or slip-on’s, whichever ones suit you best will do the trick.

Hairdo: For the ladies you have to pull your hair backward to keep it from distracting you while you dance. We don’t want hair getting into your eyes while you dance.

Confidence: You should bring your confidence along as well, and not worry if you didn’t have so much we’ll help you boost it.

General stuff: You might wanna bring you some change of clothes (optional). Also, you can bring a bottle of water; you’ll need the rehydration and a towel because you will get sweaty.


Taking dance lessons should be something you do, most especially if you’re a dancer, yes, you can add this to the list of dances you know.

Also, if you want to take a lesson with us, then look no further we are indeed closer than you think.  Just make up your mind, show up and become a better dancer than you formerly were.  Can’t wait to meet you!