Interview on CO-EXIST 2018

We recently have a quick interview to understand more about the behind-the-scene preparations that our partner Legacy Dance Co have made for their annual concert CO-EXIST 2018 on 17 Nov 2018.

We hope you will find this interview insightful and exciting!

1) Who and what inspired the storyline?

Our creative director, Elton Tan, was the one behind the storyline of CO-EXIST 2018. The storyline behind Co-Exist 2018 : Starstruck is inspired by one of Netflix’s Black Mirror episodes, Nosedive. The concert storyline revolves around a validation-chasing society, where individuals standard of living are purely determined by how well-liked they are by others around them through their social rating numbers. The story follows three friends cum business partners and explores the impact of greed and individual ambition on their friendship.

2) How did the dancers get prepared for this concert?

In end August 2018, we started with weekly practices of 2 hours each on Sundays, but when the concert date drew closer, we had additional extra practices on weekdays as well. We had about 4 hour practices the week before the concert.

Most of the time, we practiced at our studio at Sime Darby Centre, but sometimes we went to NTU to practice as well, so that we can dance within the actual stage space dimensions.

3) How many attendees are expected to turn up at afternoon and night shows?

We expected 90% of the capacity for both shows.

4) Since this is an annual event, how different was the experience being involved in the show, as compared to your previous concert?

Compared to the previous concert, this year I had more responsibility as I was part of 3 items and was the in-charge of 2 of the items. On top of the responsibility through the dancing, I was also part of the concert planning committee so there was a lot of things to do. 

I felt that this years concert was different from last years mostly in terms of the storyline. This year the storyline is more well structured and was more understandable compared to last years. Even though we had more dancers in the concert items last year, this year each item had more direction and story so it made more sense watching the concert.

5) When will be the next concert?

We are going to take a break from CO-EXIST next year, but we will be back the following year~ keep a look out on our space for more updates!

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