Indian Dance Class

Indian Dance Class

There are hundreds of dance styles from all over the world. Different countries and ethnic groups have their different styles of unique dances. But the Indian dance is a very special one.

India as a country that has a lot of dances which have been derived from many different traditions and ancient texts,  However, the dances are generally divided into the classical and the folk dance.

The classical Indian dance is a dance in which its theories and instructions on how the dance is done, are derived from texts from ancient times. One of such text is called the natya Shastra. Natya means act and shastra means manual, instructions, or guidelines.
We can therefore say that classical Indian dance is a dance performed from instructions and guidelines gotten from ancient texts like the Natya shastra.

The folk Indian dance is mostly an oral tradition that carries cultural tradition from one generation to the next through word of mouth and casual practice.

What dance moves can I learn in this dance class?
It is important to us that you know the different dance styles in the course of your class. Some of the dances you’ll be learning are stated below.

This dance dates back to over two thousand years ago. Bharatanatyam is a classical dance that is particular about knee bends, facial expressions and hand gestures.

The Kuchipudi is equally a classical dance that emphasizes on how fluid you can be,  your balancing and how you can perform on a faster  pace. This dance is a little similar to the bharatanatyam but is more complex than it is.

The Manipuri is known for its beautiful costumes,  good music and simple execution of its moves.
Unlike other classical dances, Manipuri is simply swaying from side to side with easy to learn footsteps.

This dance step is one of the most famous dance steps in the world. It is famous for its eye and eyebrow movement.  The movement of the dancer’s eyes is a way of expressing the mood of the dancers.

What do I stand to gain from taking this dance class?

While some Indian dances are simple and easy,  some others are vigorous and will help you exercise your body into fitness once you’re regular.

This might sound really odd,  but yes,  dance is considered a mode of relieving stress. More than entertaining, dance is a mode of transporting oneself from reality to a more serene consciousness that helps relax the mind.

Strength and stamina.
Taking the Indian dance class will also improve your strength as you’ll be partaking in a lot of vigorous exercise. It’ll help your strength last longer while you’re performing.

From all the moving, and stepping,  bending and twisting, hand gestures and otherwise, you’re bound to become flexible after taking this class.

It’s not usually fun when you’re in a dance off,  and you keep repeating the same dance moves.  When you take this class, you’ll learn new dance moves that’ll add to your wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mental strength.
The Indian dance class will also improve your mental abilities as you’ll have to be very calculative, precise, and swift during performances.  

What do I wear for this class?
Indian dances are mostly performed on bare feet.
Therefore I’ll advise you bring a simple outfit you’re comfortable in,  preferably a leggings and a comfortable top for women, then a shirt and trouser for men.
You might also wanna come with a bottle of water for rehydration.

Indian dance class is for everyone both male and female young and old. Whether it’s for relaxation or for professional dancing purposes we are readily available for registration. Whenever you’re ready to register feel free to look around you,  we’re closer to you than you think.