Hustle Dance Class

Hustle Dance Class

Dancing is a fun and easy way to achieve all round body fitness, as long as you are consistent. Consistency, they say is the key to achieving great results. Maybe you love or admire dancers but you’ve never thought of indulging. This is a great opportunity for you to participate in the hustle dance class.

This class would give you an opportunity to consistently. This way  you would reach your fitness goals and would have an additional skill at the end of the program.
You would agree that dancing comes with a lot of physical, mental, emotional and even social benefits. There are a lot of dance forms, some of which are for specific people, but they all achieve a common goal. You can lose weight, uplift your soul and enjoy yourself in the process.

The hustle dance is very entertaining because it is a partner dance. It is an exciting dance form to enroll in if you ask me, cause it comes with a skill and lots of fun.

What is the Hustle Dance all About?
The hustle dance is a unique partner or couple dance that is similar to some Latin ballroom dances. The rhythm is associated with syncopation and is usually danced with 4/4 or 3/4 music with counting to match. This dance is performed today in ballrooms, nightclubs, parties etc. It is a healthy dance form that can be enjoyed by both parties whatever the occasion. It has some steps common with salsa and swing Latin dances.

The only difference is that it is fast paced and commonly danced to modern pop. The hustle dance, commonly known as ‘New York Hustle’ is performed today by couples or partners in parties, dinners and various events. It’s a skill you would love to acquire as it is quite modern and absolutely fun. It is very artistic and entertaining and shows a high level of expertise. If you’re looking for an additional dance form skill or you just want to have fun while learning something new, you should quickly enroll in this dance class.

What are the Specific Dance Moves or Steps to Learn in this Class?

  1. Basic Walk: This is the basic hustle move that involves moving forward and backwards following the hustle beat or count. It is performed by placing both hands on your side and closing your feet, then walking right, left and right, with the last step bringing both legs together again. While moving, your hands should be kept on your side but also moving in a circular motion similar to the movement of your legs. The reverse movement is performed backwards until you return to your original position.
  2. Twirl: After you have finished your forward and backwards movement, the next step is to twirl. The twirl is sometimes referred to as “step turn step clap”. This move involves stepping your right and left foot and turning about 270 degrees, then finishing by bringing your hands together and clapping them once. This move is done to the left and right.
  3. 3. Chicken dance : This absolutely adorable move involves a chicken style dance. It is performed by making fists with both hands then rolling them over one another in front of your chest. This procedure is repeated, then placing your hands on your hips and bending your elbows outwards at about 90 degrees.

Benefits of the hustle dance

  • Good knowledge of couple dancing, especially for first timers.
  • Great for weight loss and general stress reduction.
  • Health benefits such as reduction in cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also cares for your joints and muscles by lubricating and toning them, thereby keeping you fit.
  • It is a great way to bond and unwind especially for couples.

What to wear/ bring to class

Because of the arm, hips and leg movement, practicing the hustle dance requires you to wear relatively loose clothing and flat shoes. I would recommend the following loose outfits:

  • Loose T shirts or top
  • Loose sweat pants with up to 2 inches allowance.

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