How to Pick the Right Ballroom Dance Wear for Men

The men who love ballroom dancing find it a great hobby. They get to exercise, meet new people, improve self-image and enjoy a sense of accomplishment by dancing with their partner. 

Men have to follow varies rules regarding what to wear and what not to year in a ballroom dance competition. Just because men’s clothing choice lies in the hands of the organisation, it does not mean they cannot pick what they like.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right attire for ballroom dance, these tips will help:

Get a good fit

Men usually have to do lifting while ballroom dancing and it’s not just limited to lifting arms or legs. If your dress and its ornaments restrict your movement, your performance will be affected. 

white ballroom Latin dance trousers

Therefore, thee dress must fit well. Never buy a dress that has the slightest problem. Choose something similar to these white ballroom Latin dance trousers for men by Dancing Meow. They are made from cotton spandex designed to fit the dancer. 

Choose the right colour

The dress code guides your choice when it comes to colour. You have to be certain that the colours go with the theme of your dance. For instance, a vest, silver tie, pocket square, and striped printed ballroom dance trousers will make a great combination.

If it’s rumba or tango, it is recommended to choose warm tones. If it’s a hip dance, you are free to choose a cool and colourful theme. 

Get a shirt with Cuffs 

If you are wearing a suit, always wear a long sleeve shirt underneath. Get a shirt with classic button cuffs or cufflinks. These are some basic etiquette of dressing one should honour.

Shape of the collar 

If you have a long and narrow neck, get a shirt with a wider and higher collar. On the other hand, if you have a short and wide neck, a low and narrow collar will suit you. If you are wearing a shirt with a tuxedo collar, complement it with a bow tie. 

Watch the trends 

When you are choosing dancewear for ballroom dance, you must pay attention to the trends. However, don’t follow the trends blindly. Introduce some changes in the style on your own too. Otherwise, you will look no different than other dancers. 

It won’t be a bad idea to take inspiration from a vintage fashion designer. With your dance attire, you have the opportunity to show the audience your personal style. Your choices can make you a trendsetter too.

short sleeve Latin ballroom dance shirt

If you want to keep things simple, just get a short sleeve Latin ballroom dance shirt men usually choose. It will look classic. 

Don’t forget confidence 

Last but not least, an important thing all dancers must wear is confidence. Along with your dress, your attitude counts too. 

The Bottom Line

The choices that are made to please others usually please no one. Don’t choose a dress to grab the attention of the audience either. Go for the dancewear that you are the most comfortable in. Don’t forget to follow the social etiquette of dressing though.

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