House Dance Class

House Dance Class

House dance is a particular type of dance form that is highly and primarily influenced by house music. It is a form of dance that demonstrates fluid and spontaneous upper body movements, paired with snappy and complex footwork that enables the dancer to perfectly jive with the rhythm of house music. Furthermore, this dance form has a hip hop and disco vibe to it, which makes it classic and modern at the same time, as well as satisfying to perform.

Since house dance is a combination of relatively slow and whimsical moves, it can be definitely learned by anybody, regardless of age and experience in dancing! It may be quite complicated to learn at first, but as long as you keep your interest and put your best efforts into it, you can become quite skilled in this dance form. So, if you are interested in learning the art of house dancing, you are in the right place. We offer interactive house dance classes designed to enable you to learn this dance style well and in the best way possible.

We also offer house dance classes for kids and adults, as well as for exclusive groups or corporate employees looking for the best fitness activity they can do after work. In addition, our house dance classes are well-structured in a sense that we make the lesson spontaneous, fun and engaging depending on the age group we are handling during a particular session.

What Can You Learn in this Dance Class?

Each house dance class session is around an hour long, which is started by doing warmup and stretching exercises, then doing the lesson proper. The lessons tackled in each session are discussed from a simple to a complex method, so that you will most likely not forget what you have learned. This enables you to effectively apply and build a good foundation on what you’ve learned.

Dance Moves You Will Learn in House Dancing

  • Spin Kick: This dance move involves placing one foot on the ground and turning it clockwise or counterclockwise so that the body moves in the same direction, while the other foot to kicks towards the direction of the turn.
  • Cross Step: This dance move is done by crossing the left leg over the right leg, then moving the right leg on the right direction so that you get right back to the stance. This is done fast and vice versa.
  • Salsa hop: This dance move is executed by moving your right leg to the front, then moving your left leg over the right leg, then moving the left leg back then doing a hop afterwards.
  • Jacking: This dance move involves moving your upper body to the front, then going back to your original stance, then moving your body down and going back to your original stance again. However, you must move your body with the beat of the music so you add ‘life’ to these simple steps when you do jacking.

Then, once you have mastered these basic house dance moves, you will be able to move to the advanced levels, and jive well with the rhythm and groove of house music. 

Benefits for Those Who Take House Dance Classes

Aside from the fun you can get from taking our house dance classes, you can also get the best benefits from it, especially for your health and fitness:

  • Since each session requires you to move your body a lot and go with the beat, it encourages you to lose weight and become fit.
  • With the quite intense activities and moves involved in house dancing, it enables the body, especially the heart, to work and function well.
  • Because of the moves and footwork performed in house dancing, it is a great way to make the body strong and flexible.
  • House dance is a fun way to make the body slender and looking great, which then results to better self-confidence.

What to Wear to Class

We always encourage the students to wear proper attire during each session, not only to make them feel comfortable, but also to avoid any unnecessary injuries along the way. Thus, this is what you have to wear during house dance class:


Wear comfortable clothes such as a loose shirt and baggy pants. This way, you can freely do the moves without anything holding you back. In addition, this also helps in making you not feel too uneasy when you sweat.


Wear comfortable and non-slip footwear such as sneakers so that you can easily do the footwork required during the session. Wearing these also help in keeping your foot safe from any injury during dancing.

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