Hip Hop Dance Class

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Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping. Hip-hop dance was made popular by dance crews in the United States.

Classically trained dancers developed these studio styles in order to choreograph from the hip-hop dances that were performed on the street. Because of this development, hip-hop dance is practiced in both dance studios and outdoor spaces.

A few classes will focus on basic grooves. Instead of learning a long dance routine, students will follow along with the tutor in practicing basic hip-hop moves repetitively.

Different moves in Hip Hop Dance


Warm-up for hip-hop classes consists primarily of cardio or stretching. It may also include some strength exercises or body isolations.

Learning Grooves

A few beginning hip-hop classes usually spend all or part of the class on basic grooves. To practice grooves, you will be required to follow along with your tutor in repeating large-but-simple dance moves which require the use your whole body. A basic grooves class lays emphases on improving rhythm and understanding basic moves.

Learning Choreography

Most beginning hip-hop classes concentrate more on choreography. After the warm-up, the instructor may decide to either give you a short break or go on straight to teaching a dance routine.

Learning to Counts

Most hip-hop instructors at dance studios will count out loud through most of the class rather than play music. Movements are first demonstrated. You are then required to perform them slowly. You may have to practice them more quickly afterward.

Learning to Music

By dancing to various songs, you will be able to alternate performing the choreography you’re learning half the actual speed and to full speed.

Dance Math

In a beginner class, you may have to stick to whole counts and half counts. A whole count corresponds to a full beat in the music while a half count represents only half a beat.


Much choreography consists of movements which correspond to sounds in the music rather than the beat. Often the movements will be to the lyrics or sound effects such as a loud boom.


Your ability to accurately observe and remember movements as they are been taught is known as your pickup. Your ability to pick up a routine is more likely to improve effectively with time as a result of regular class attendance.


Often, picking up the transitions between eight counts can be challenging for beginners. Within an eight count, the instructor will put you through how you get from one move to the next. With practice, the transition becomes easier to learn and remember.

Group Performance

Toward the end of most classes, the instructor will divide the class into groups taking turns to performing the dance. Performing in groups is fun for most dancers.

Services offered

The services we offer include:

  • Hip Hop Dance for Kids
  • Hip Hop Dance for Adults
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced classes
  • Different types of Hip Hop Dances (R&B Dance Class, Korean Pop Dance Class, Breakdancing Class, House Dance Class, Freestyle Dance Class, Street Dance Class.

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