Foxtrot Dance Class

Foxtrot Dance Class

Foxtrot is one of the most exciting dance forms anyone can learn. It is a Ballroom dance type that is a combination of slow and fast rhythmic dance movements. Also, this dance form will usually require you to make long and continuous graceful motions.

Basically, Foxtrot is one of the favorite dancing styles of ballroom dancers. It is usually characterized by smooth, sensual and romantic movements. Because of its distinctly exquisite features, Foxtrot is considered to be the “Rolls Royce” among the dance forms and the best dance choice for couples and partners.

Foxtrot’s slow tempo usually has a two-beat count. On the other hand, the quick one has one-beat count. Also, dancing the Foxtrot helps you to have control on your body’s flexibility and grace, making it a gateway for you to learn other dance forms easily.

Aside from its “dance floor” uses, Foxtrot is also an excellent fitness exercise. This dance sport features different movements which you can adopt in your training regimen. However, do not think that Foxtrot is a dance reserved for the skilled. In fact, this dance is suitable for anybody, from beginners to intermediate dancers, and from young at age to the young at heart.

If you want to learn Foxtrot dancing today, we certainly got you covered! We offer courses on Foxtrot dancing and other Ballroom dancing types. We also hold classes on weekends and other special schedules. Moreover, rest assured you will learn the best of Foxtrot dancing, since our renowned and international instructors will teach you its basics and techniques in the easiest and most effective way possible.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn from This Class?

  •        Forward Basic

The Forward Basic dance move is an integration of two walks and chasse. It usually keeps a “Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick” tempo and is often used as a travel move on the dance floor.

  •        Back Basic

Basically, the Back Basic dance move comprises of doing two walks and chasse, and it also keeps the same tempo and rhythm, but it only goes in a backward direction.

  •        Promenade

The Promenade is a dance move executed when traveling sideways. You can do this by the turning your head in a direction you are heading. If you have a partner, he/she should do a mirror image movement.

  •        Box Step

The Box Step is a common dance move in Ballroom or Foxtrot Dancing. It is done by moving your feet to form a square. First, you are going to place your feet together with the weight concentrated on your left foot. Then, place your right foot forward and shift the weight on it. Then, move your left foot forward with a proper distance with the right foot, and move your right foot close to the left foot. Then, place your left foot backward then your right foot next, then place both feet together.

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

Joining in a Foxtrot class will give you a lot of benefits, especially for your health.

  •         It is a good social exercise. Since Foxtrot is a dance made for two people, there is a need for you to socialize. This, in turn, is a good way of making friends and network.
  •         Foxtrot dancing is a great way for you to enhance your overall physique and appearance.
  •         It is a guaranteed confidence booster, since you are enjoying what you do and you feel good about yourself.
  •         It is certified to burn calories and lower sugar levels. Aside from that, it can strengthen your bones and cardiovascular health.

What to Wear and Bring During Class


Men should wear dress shirt and dress pants when Foxtrot Dancing. On the other hand, women should wear a comfortable shirt and flowing skirt, or a formal dress.


Men and women students have a choice to wear social dancing shoes. However, if you want to wear shoes specially designed for Foxtrot Dancing, then wearing Ballroom shoes for men and court shoes for women would be ideal.

Must-bring Essentials

Bring a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water so that you will feel fresh, hydrated and stress-free during and after the class.

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We can also offer private dance lessons to corporate employees, special groups and couples who would like to prepare a special Foxtrot dance number for their weddings or social event.

Aside from Foxtrot Dancing, we also offer classes on different dance forms such as Bachata, Tap, Korean Pop and Bollywood dancing. 

Avail our program now and learn the best of Foxtrot dancing with us. See you!