Flamenco Dance Class

Flamenco Dance Class

Flamenco Dance or also called as El Baile Flamenco is a Latin/Rhythm Ballroom dance type that is performed by partners and couples. This dance form involves the conveyance of strong and passionate emotion through facial expression and kicking and clapping movements. Also, Flamenco dancing requires you to move with the rhythm of Latin music played by using guitar and percussion instruments.

With the beauty and uniqueness Flamenco Dancing holds, it is definitely a dance form fun, sexy and worthy to learn on! Therefore, if you want to start off with learning this dance form today, you are definitely on the right page.

We offer Flamenco Dance Classes for kids, youth and adults. We divide our classes in 2 levels: beginner and intermediate. Therefore, anyone can learn the best of Flamenco Dancing with our classes regardless of knowledge and experience in this dance form.

Also, the great news is that you get to showcase and take your skills in Flamenco dancing to the next level by competing with other students in the special dance event after the course.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn From This Class?

  •        Stamp and Tap

Stamp and Tap dance move is done by bending your knees and quickly but heavily moving your foot down with the heel and toe flat, so that it creates a stamping sound.

  •        Toe-Heel-Heel-Toe-Flat

This simple dance move is executed by placing your toe to the ground, then placing your heel next. Then, place your heel on the ground again, and then place your toe next, until you lay your foot flat on the ground.

  •        Digs

Digs dance move is done by bending your knees and heavily placing your heel to the ground with your toes raised.

  •        Skirt Sway

This Flamenco dance move is done by the ladies. It involves holding the skirt and swaying it to go with the rhythm of the music and the emotion being sustained. Also, the Skirt Sway move makes the dance sexier and more exquisite to look at.

Type of Flamenco Dance Classes We Offer

  •        Progression – For Beginners, Kids and Adults

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

Flamenco Dancing is a creative and intricate dance form that does not only teach you grace, but also provides you with a number of benefits to make your lifestyle better and your body fit and healthier.

  •        Flamenco dancing enables you to achieve your fitness goals through the sweat, routine, movements and all-out performance it requires.
  •        It is a dancesport that effectively helps you fight diabetes, heart diseases and other illnesses.
  •        It is an excellent fitness routine that makes you feel energetic, active and happy while doing it.
  •        Flamenco dancing is a great way for you to improve your flexibility, confidence and grace in dancing.
  •        It is a gateway for you to do other dance forms especially Ballroom dancing easily and more effectively.

What to Wear and Bring to Class

For you to properly and gracefully execute the movements in Flamenco Dancing, you must first equip yourself with the things you will need and wear the most appropriate attire when you come to class.


Men are encouraged to wear a loose shirt and comfortable pants. On the other hand, women are encouraged to wear leotard and long skirt.


Men should wear hard-soled shoes when dancing Flamenco, and women should wear 1-inch hard-soled shoes. Wearing the proper footwear allows you to execute the movements well, safely and in the most graceful way you can.

Must-bring Essentials

Don’t forget to bring a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water so that you will stay hydrated, comfortable and stress-free.

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We also offer private dance classes to corporate employees and groups of individuals who would like to prepare a special Flamenco dance number for their parties and social events.

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Learn the beauty of Flamenco Dancing straight from our certified expert instructors. Start honing your skills in Flamenco Dancing with us by enrolling in our next available sessions. Register now and hope to see you in class!