Fitness Dance Class

Fitness Dance Class

A fitness dance class is a modern way of toning your body by dancing. It requires no special equipment or training to master. All you need is a willing body and a determined heart.

Specifically, a fitness dance is a type of group exercise. It is usually performed by three or more people to make the session more lively and engaging. Moreover, it is an integration of many forms of dance and a mixture of dancing moves primarily executed in other dance forms.

Enrolling in a fitness dance class is great because it is effective in working your whole body out. It is a full aerobic exercise that is almost as good as doing sports. Also, what’s best is that fitness dancing can be done by anybody!

Therefore, if you want to enrol in a fitness dance class today, we are your best option, for we offer fitness dance classes for kids, teens and adults. Also, you get to learn a number of fun dance moves that will surely get your groove on!

What Dance Moves Can You Learn from This Class?

  •        Zumba

By far, Zumba is the most famous dance sport you can learn in a fitness class. It is a combination of low-intensity and high-intensity movements done in intervals. Zumba is excellent when it comes to burning calories and toning the body.

  •        Jazzercise

Jazzercise uses the tempo of modern Jazz to burn up to 600 calories in just 60 minutes. It is a good aerobic dance that you can combine with yoga in toning your body properly.

  •        Modern Jive

This type of dance is a combination of swing and jive. It would also be great if you have a partner when dancing this because it is truly lively and energetic!

  •        Street Dance

Most of us are eager to learn urban styles of grinding your feet. Despite being famous in nightclubs and party zones, a variety of street dance is also good for improving your fitness.

  •        Contemporary Dance

If there is one word to describe modern dance, it would be “freestyle.” This type of dance does not only anchor any dance technique. Instead, it focuses on internalizing different factors such as your natural energy. Therefore, it is a kind of a “personal dance.”

Types of Fitness Dance Classes We Offer

If you want to focus and learn more on a particular fitness dance form, you can also choose from the different types of fitness dance classes we offer.

  •        Aerobics Dance
  •        Capoeira Dance
  •        Latin Dance
  •        Ballet Barre Dance

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

Aside from fun, there are several benefits you can get when you join in a fitness dance class.

  •         It is great in improving your endurance and cardiovascular health.
  •         This activity helps revitalize your energy so that you won’t feel weak any time of the day.
  •        Fitness dancing doesn’t only help you lose weight and stay healthy, but it also aids you in improving your social skills toward the people you will be with during the session.

What to Wear and Bring During Class


Wear a comfortable shirt and tights or jogging pants when Fitness Dancing for you to feel easy when moving and executing the moves.


Wear reliable footwear such as running shoes so that you can move gracefully and securely on the dance floor.

Must-bring Essentials

Never ever forget bringing a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water for a refreshing and stress-free dance session.

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We can also offer private dance lessons to corporate employees and special groups.

Aside from Fitness Dancing, we also offer classes on different dance forms such as Jazz, Rumba, Rock’n’Roll and Tap Dancing.

Enroll in our Fitness Dance Class today!