The Etiquette for Modern Jive Dancing

Modern Jive dancing is a means of meeting new people. Smart guys use this dance to meet girls with similar passion in a fascinating environment. Since the dance requires partners, you need to know the etiquette of the dance in order to enjoy a smooth dance experience. Here are some tips that will make girls and guys line up to dance with you.

Ask a guy or girl to dance
In a ceremony or modern Jive, all you need to do is to ask for a dance. Even if you are a lady, you don’t need to wait for any guy to ask you to dance, you can ask them too.

If you feel nervous or terrible, you need to boost your overall confidence by asking someone to dance with you. You can simply make eye contact or kindly ask by extending your hand and saying “Would you care to dance?”. Most guys will say yes as almost all guys like to dance.

For guys, unlike clubs where there is high probability of a lady refusing your request for a dance. In a modern jive event, it is usually rare. There is a high probability of getting a yes answer as long as you are kind and respectful. Even if you are an amateur, don’t be shy to ask a lady for a dance.

Give a positive answer when asked for a dance
There is a general assumption in a modern jive that everyone has come to dance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or pro, the main rule is to accept as it only takes little time to know each other.

You can say “no” only if you have a good reason not to dance.
When you come to a modern jive, you have come out to dance. It takes very little time to get to know people so when asked for a dance, whether you’re a beginner or pro, the general rule is to accept. Of course, if you’re resting or there’s another good reason to refuse a dance it’s perfectly okay to say no or suggest the next dance.
If you avoid dancing with people because they are not the greatest dancers in the room, people will take you as a snob and your chances of getting a dance will be reduced.

Try putting on a nice smile and making eye contact
Dancing is just like a conversation where you have to look at your partner’s eyes and smile instead of concentrating on what is happening on the dance floor. Some people need time to feel comfortable with eye contact but you should avoid starring your partner down. You can look at the bottom of their ear lobe or between their eyes as this tells them how much you are enjoying the dance.

Try to encourage and motivate your partner
It feels good to learn how to dance as you could be dancing with the next super star. The major aim of coming to modern jive is to learn new dancing skills and enjoy. You need to motivate your partner, especially in a situation when you are helping them to progress. Encourage them when they perform well and if you have any reason to criticize, you can speak with a teacher first on how to ensure improvement in specific areas.

Modern Jive is a means of building you morale. People will love to dance with you the more you do it. Be sure that your social diary and dance invitations will be full in a matter of months. If you are feeling uninspired and stuck for new dancing ideas, visit today.

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