Disco Dance Class

Disco Dance Class

Dancing is one of the surest way to maintain total (physical, social and mental) fitness. The most energetic dance forms are very effective in weight loss programs. It is a fun way to meet people while learning something new. Every dance form is unique in style, formation and patterns. But the good thing is they all work towards the same goal.

Like music, most dances have evolved from the old times and have transformed to fit our present day style. Dancing is very entertaining and can be enjoyed by both dancers, spectators and the performers. The disco dance class teaches a unique dance form that can be enjoyed solo or as a partner dance. Just like other partner dance forms, it is absolutely fun and very entertaining.

What is the Disco dance all about?

Disco dance was made popular in the 1970s by John Travolta’s dance moves in the movie ‘Saturday night fever’. It involves hip and pelvic movements with raised arms performed according to the beat of disco music. Disco dance can be performed as freestyle or solo, partner dance or in a line dance formation.

This dance form is a fun way to unwind. It has evolved from simple moves to very complex and competitive moves that lead to performances that can be judged for world dance titles. The disco dance is a basic social dance that can be easily learned and performed. Anyone can be a part of this wonderful dance experience. Be reminded that you will enjoy all the social and health benefits of participating in this dance routine.

What are the Specific Dance Steps or Moves to Learn in this Class?

  1. The Retro Hustle: This move is performed in an eight beat count, this allows it to fit into any disco song. It involves stepping forward and backwards in rhythm and shifting your body weight while allowing your arms to swing naturally.
  2. The Bus Stop: This move is performed by standing with both feet together but the knees slightly loose. Next you step back with your right foot and further back with your left foot, step again with your right foot and repeat the procedure stepping forward. It is a simple dance move. It also involves tapping your legs and clapping. It is a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by individuals of whatever age.
  3. The Y. M. C. A: This is a very exciting dance move performed at school dances and sporting events. It is performed by spreading with your legs shoulder length apart
  4. The Point Move: This move is performed by spreading your feet shoulder length apart, then roll your hips to the left as you point to your right with your index finger. The reverse procedure is done and you now point to the left. This move is very popular and is easily associated with the disco dance.

Benefits of the Disco Dance Class

  • Dancing disco can relieve stress. You can literally dance away your depression with this routine.
  • It can increase your strength and balance. This is true especially for older individuals.
  • Disco dancing can help defend the body against dementia. Experts say that participating in this dance routine can lower the risk of developing dementia.
  • Weight loss and fitness routine can be accomplished with ease.

What to Bring to Class?

Men’s outfit: Open chested shirt with pants. Pants should be fitted on top to reveal the shape of the hips but loose downwards.

Women’s outfit: fitted tops, (could be baring) with hot pants or micro mini skirt. Heels not less than two inches is also required.

Disco dancing is a great way to unwind and it comes with a lot of health benefits. You can achieve your fitness goals and have fun all through this dance class. However, do not forget to come with your towel, water and a few essentials, including a change of clothes.