How Dancing Helps You Lose Weight

Some people lose weight by going to the gym and following a weight loss program. But others just dance the weight away. Regular dancing provides great health and fitness benefits as it aids in burning calories and toning muscles to enhance flexibility.

Dancing is a simple and fun way to lose weight. It is a form of physical activity that you can integrate into your everyday exercises along with healthy eating habits in order to lose weight.

Before you can lose weight through dancing, you need to pick your dance styles carefully, monitor your diet, have a music selection, properly manage your time and plan a regular dance routine. Remember that some dance styles are more strenuous than others so you have to choose the right form of dance taking into consideration your strength, body, and stamina.

Dancing involves total-body rhythmic movements that elevate your muscular activity, circulation, heart rate and breathing rate. When you dance, your metabolism rate increases 3 -6 times above your resting metabolism. This means that you’ll burn 3-6 time more calories when you’re dancing than when you’re resting.
Different dance styles perform to a specific music which enables time to pass quickly while your whole body is in motion. This enables you to burn a lot of calories while using music to manage your time and not watching the clock.

Here are the best dance forms to help you lose weight.

Dance styles such as freestyle are one of the easiest dances and allow you to move freely as no difficult dance steps or movements are involved. It is performed on fast beats of music to tease you to dance non-stop and boost up your energy levels.

Hip hop
Hip-hop dance can also help you lose weight because the quick succession of movements involved in this form of dance works out the body. The movements are focused on the hips and waists to help firm and tone your abs.

Belly dancing
Another dance style that can help you lose is belly dancing. This dance form encompasses slow and controlled isometric movements that help to build flexibility and improve blood circulation. It involves shaking the belly or the lower body, which aid is burning calories as well as burning abdominal and thigh fat. Belly dancing is a low-impact dancing style that aims to strengthen muscles and improve posture.

Zumba dance integrates rumba, salsa, merengue and hip hop moves to cause movement of the body thus giving you maximum workout. Zumba classes are enjoyable and fun because the steps are easy to learn and follow. Zumba dance moves aims at isolating your arms, abs, and legs for strengthening so that you can be happy with the results as you enjoy the dance.

If you’re aspiring to lose weight, get started in dancing as a fun and invigorating physical activity to help you accomplish your goals.

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